Intuitive Readings

An Intuitive Reading Session with me is a loving and spiritual blend of a counseling session and psychic reading while also adding energy clearing and inner light activation. You’ve heard of life coaching right? Well… This is life coaching on spiritual steroids! (Good, you’re smiling now!)

I am a relentless hope dealer… It is my soul’s passion and my life’s work to guide, empower, and  shower you with hope!

You WILL receive the answers you need and the guidance to move forward.

You WILL feel a shift.

You WILL shake loose what is stuck.

You WILL activate the amazing light already within you.

As an Intuitive Guide, Conscious Channel, and Empath…

I hold space for you, your feelings, and your struggles. I can feel them and I know how very real they are. Using my gift of intuitive sight and my empathic abilities I am able to tune in to your spirit guides, higher self, and the collective consciousness to access the guidance that will help you most…right now. I gently show you that through the mindful inner exploration of your mind and understanding your energy, you have great influence to positively create a life you will love. An aspect of my gifts is the precise sense to identify the root of your limiting beliefs and those things holding you back from your greatest potential. I  see your words and energy like one might experience a movie. From there I guide you to align with what your heart wants and what your soul connects to.

Why Choose an Intuitive Session?

So many of my clients have shared that intuitive coaching sessions with me are more effective for them than years of traditional counseling or talk therapy. Talking ,of course, is wonderful and necessary for progress. We will do a lot of that but the difference here is that I am always guiding you forward. I DO NOT allow you to continuously swim around frantically in your past. Your past history is of course a part of you, but in my sessions I help you see it with clarity, honor the lessons it brought you and then I show you a new door to walk, skip, or run through!

How do I receive the guidance and messages I pass on to you?

As a Master Empath, Conscious Channel, and Intuitive I receive most of the valuable information and messages from your guides and higher self through touch using my gifts of Clairtangency (clear feeling through touch) and Clairsentience (clear knowing). During every session the client receives a very relaxing and healing Reiki and Sound Healing session through which I also receive the guidance you need most at that time. After your energy work session I will share these messages with you, the images that present themselves, and the translation of that information for you to process. It is with exceptional clarity and loving kindness that I relay that guidance in the best possible way for you to take full advantage of it right away. It is truly a beautiful, moving, and transformational experience!

I am also what is called a Conscious Channel…

First, what is a channel you may ask? To channel is to be a conduit to receive and express energy as it moves from one dimension to another and that expression can take many forms. A bodyworker is being a channel for healing energy to express/pass through the hands. An artist is being a channel for a vision to express on canvas, clay, etc. A poet is being a channel for thoughts to express in word rhythms and forms. A musician is being a channel for sound to express through instruments.

I personally do most of my channeling through voice expression. This means that I verbally express the forms of telepathic communication that I receive while in a state of Love and Peace. Conscious Channeling means that as I am fully awake and conscious,  I am describing verbally the symbols, words, and images that I’m seeing with you verbally as well as the thoughts that come to me as I connect with Divine Energies that are present for you at that time. You may want to refer to them as Source, Divine, Universal or Higher Enlightened Energies. The “high” aspect refers to a frequency or vibration, a vastness of consciousness, and a level of responsibility rather than a judgment of worthiness.

As a conscious channel, I am aware in the moment of what is being transmitted/coming through/being spoken. There is no trance involved. I am very conscious of what is happening as I am in a relaxed, meditative, attuned state that enables that connection.

My Intuitive Sessions can be focused on any or all aspects of your life now or even on past life experiences that may have baring on your life situation presently!

You may choose to ask a main question or state a concern to me before our session begins, or you may choose to allow your guidance to present itself organically. Either way, what is most important for you to know at that time WILL come up!

I am also happy to offer tailored packages for ongoing guidance that will suit your personal needs and goals!

Are you ready to release what isn’t serving you any longer and to activate the light that has been laying dormant within you?

Intuitive sessions by the hour as well as packages available!

  • $85 per hour/Includes a combination of energy healing as well as your intuitive reading & guidance.
  • $95 for 90 minutes//Includes a combination energy healing as well as your intuitive reading & guidance.
  • $225 for 3 full hours/ Choose a longer session each time or schedule separate sessions
  • $395 for 6 full hours/ Choose a longer session each time or schedule separate sessions
  • $125 for 80 minutes/Couples Reiki & Intuitive Messages

Set your session up here: , email me at, or text me at (614)787-0583! 


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