Transform Your Vibe ~ Transform Your Life!

This amazing series of sessions will guide you through a deep transformational experience that will not only change your life in every way, but will empower you to maintain the new higher vibe you!

With the fusion of  Meditation, Reiki, Sound Healing, Mindfulness, and Intuitive Guidance you will:

  • Calm the mind and the body
  • Release stuck energy
  • Heal from old relationships
  • Detox emotions
  • Banish negative thinking
  • Activate your highest personal vibration
  • Merge with your highest self and your true purpose

Why is this so transformational?

 Each 60 minute session can have a specific focus or combined areas of focus: 

  • Intuitive Counsel & Guidance
  • Cleansing & Clearing energy work
  •  Personalized Meditation Instruction
  • Reiki and Sound Healing
  • DNA Activation
  • Mindfulness Coaching
  • Learn to connect with your Spirit Guides
  • Cutting the cords of emotional attachments

Package Fees:

  • Individual session $85
  • 3 session package: $225 (save $10 per hour)
  • 6 session package $420 (save $15 per hour)
  • 8 session package $520 (save $20 per hour)

All sessions are 60 minutes long. You may of course schedule to have a longer session in advance or add on to your session if my schedule allows at the time to incorporate more guidance and services. Your remaining package credit available will be adjusted at the end of each session with me. 

  • Packages must be paid for in full to receive the package rate.
  • Packages may not be shared with other individuals.
  •  If you would like to share these wonderful services with friends or family, you will receive a 20% discount on sessions and packages with your own package purchase!