Om2Ohm Meditation Training Programs!

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Om2Ohm Meditation & Wellness center believes that everyone can learn to meditate!

We offer a variety of meditation classes and workshops suitable for all levels as well as a teacher training certification!

We offer the practices of Meditation and Mindfulness as wellness tools to promote your peace management, mind fitness, and whole body wellness. We teach user-friendly methods that always incorporate comfort, ease, and peace as you learn these important new skills.

Meditation is the ancient practice of relaxing, centering oneself, and turning one’s attention inward. There are many types, but they all can provide tremendous peace, freedom and healing power. The ability to be peaceful and mindful lives inside every person- just beyond the anxieties of the mind. Learning to harness and manage this is what Om2Ohm calls “Peace Management”.

The practice itself is simple- but it has profound effects. Meditation has now been proven to affect measurable changes in our brains and in our health- helping us to have greater access to inner contentment and lasting experiences of well-being.

We are proud both private sitting and moving meditation instruction. Our group instruction will help, inspire, teach, and empower students to be peaceful and well in all areas of  life!



Meditation Level II

Meditation Level II ~ Diving Deeper Into Self Take meditation deeper! Topics will include: Deepen your understanding of how everything that makes up “you” is energy & what that means to your meditation practice Managing your energy through the breath Being fully present Letting go of what isn’t serving you  Techniques to expand your lung […]


Meditation Level 1

Please join me for Meditation Level I!

During this course I will teach students many mindfulness based techniques to quiet the mind, overcome the “flight or flight” response, and begin a regular and very do-able meditation practice on your own!