Meditation Teacher Training!

Did you know that at this time there are thousands of souls all around you crying out in desperation for the great life-changing techniques of quieting the mind and opening the heart?

Now more than ever, a large number of people in the world are already convinced that meditation would be a very helpful skill to add to their lives, but why aren’t they doing it? Because, they still need training and encouragement (from you!) in the basics of meditation, learning a solid core of non-intimidating breathing and lifestyle techniques that work, not to mention how to get a steady meditation practice going for themselves!

The Om2Teach Meditation Certification Program is the program that will give you the expertise to teach and heal others with excellence and will also apply to every aspect of your own life!

Whether you choose to teach and lead others or you embrace this journey through meditation solely for yourself, you will be deeply transformed on so many levels!

Who could benefit from learning how to teach meditation?

  • Those who enjoys the benefits of meditation themselves and who sincerely want to share what has inspired them.
  • It is an excellent skill to add for anyone who is in a position of service in any capacity, most especially counselors, ministers, massage therapists, yoga teachers, healing practitioners of any type, psychiatrists, psychologists, physicians, nurses, chiropractors, naturopaths, retreat managers, and other related occupations.
  • This a wonderful well rounded program that isn’t just for those who would like to teach, it is for anyone who wants to start and continue a personal practice that will enhance all aspects of their life.

This is an extensive deep dive into the practice of meditation…

As your teacher and mentor, I am very passionate about what I do and I take your journey very seriously! It is my goal to pass these teachings down to students so that there can be more qualified, certified, and quality meditation instructors in this world!

The most effective teachers are those who experience and apply these teachings and practice in their own personal lives so I teach students how to do exactly this!

My very own personal journey through Mindfulness and Meditation changed my entire life including the existing career I had at the time 20 years ago!

The Om2Teach™ program is divided into four levels and is taught privately one-to-one with me. Each level is a 3-4 hour in depth workshop in person here at Om2Ohm and each level includes 4 hours of self paced practice away from my studio.

The Om2Teach™curriculum will include required reading, interactive study and practice, video tutorials, sitting practice journals and assignments.

 There are 4 levels of training in the Om2Teach program. With each level, Students will progressively learn and practice in these areas:

  • The “relaxation response” versus the “fight or flight response”
  • Ways to elicit the “relaxation response”
  • Mindfulness Concepts and Practice
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Breathing Techniques
  • Mind / Body Concepts
  • Meditation Postures (basic standing and seated postures)
  • Posture and its emotional translations
  • Teaching Formats (private and group classes)
  • Responding to Common Student Questions
  • Combining mindfulness meditation with other practices
  • Advanced breathwork for Reiki and other energy healing modalities
  • And…so much more!

During this program, we’ll start by discussing and practicing the basics together…

  • Types of Meditation Practice
  • Focus on Mindfulness based techniques
  • Creating the perfect sacred space for your practice
  • Basic Practice Techniques
  • Structuring Your Meditation Practice
  • Dealing With Distractions (Internal and External)
  • Differences between meditation, contemplation, etc.
  • Meditation in Daily Life

Then together, we’ll move on to  discuss and practice more advanced concepts, including…

  • Journey through the major types/styles of meditation
  • Understanding the Importance of Posture , Body Alignment for Effective Energy FlowUnderstanding and practicing the methods and techniques of Mindfulness Meditation.
  • Preparation for practice sessions.
  • Integrating Meditation Practice with Life’s Daily Activities.
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction.
  • Maintaining Mindfulness during practice.
  • Dealing with resistance to meditation, Alleviating and adapting to physical discomfort in practice.
  • Addressing Odd Sensations, Drowsiness and Agitation during practice.
  • Advanced breathing techniques and when to apply them
  • Healing emotional wounds with meditation
  • Advanced breathwork for Reiki and other energy healing modalities

Other teachings provided with these courses:

  • How to actually teach a group meditation class
  • How to apply this certification in all areas of your life
  • How to start your own meditation teaching business!
  • Different teaching styles and sensing the energy of your group classes
  • Organizing your business to offer private meditation instruction on your own
  • Maintaining mindful detachment when teaching others

The Om2Teach™ course has the resources, materials, interaction, and mentorship to take your meditation teacher-training to the level of unparalleled excellence!

  • The investment for the Om2Teach program is $1100.00 for all four levels or $275 to take each level separately and at the students own pace. 

Get ready to change your life and the lives of so many others!

Does this journey resonate with you? I would be honored to be your master teacher, mentor, and guide!