Peace Prescription Packages


Let Om2Ohm start you on your Peace Management path with our Peace Prescription packages!

We believe that your wellness journey should be relaxing, positive, and transformational. We help you to manage the peace you are capable of so that you’re not stuck with the stress you didn’t want in the first place!

Many of the sessions within our Peace Prescription packages take place in what we call the OM Room. Om2Ohm founder, Sheri Mollica-Rathburn, created this very special environment to cradle and nurture all of your senses.

Through the use of sound dampening materials and minimal lighting, as well as sensory heightening through the use of color healing visuals , music, and healing sound frequencies you will feel transported. You will be freed from the pull of the heavy energy in the outside world, your nervous system can realign itself, and your body can truly let go. Allowing yourself to fully relax will happen almost effortlessly and your mind will be able to achieve deep meditative states. Feeling it is believing it!


Coaching for the Empath & Highly Sensitive Person

Are You A Highly Sensitive Person or Empath? With these one to one coaching, you will learn the differences between sensitivity and empathy, what that means for you personally in every facet of your life, and how to change your perception from “This is a burden” to ” “What a gift”!


Quantum Clearing Session

Get ready for an entirely new you that is free of fear and blockages! Quantum Clearing is energetic and vibrational healing. It is a powerful healing that addresses your overall health: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.


Mindfulness Coaching

 “Mindfulness has been described as an intentional focused awareness. A way of intentional focused awareness. A way of paying non-judgmental attention on purpose, paying non-judgmental attention on purpose, and in the present moment.“ and in the present moment.“ Jon Kabat-Zinn  What is mindfulness? Mindfulness simply means awareness and paying close attention to our lives. […]


Extreme Mood Boost!

Goodbye seasonal blues and hello joy! During this perfect session you will experience a 35 minute OmColor/Light sessions and a 25 minute OmRed Light Therapy session. This Mood Boost promises to relax, rejuvenate, and regenerate you!


Color, Light, & Sound Session

Bathe your mind and body with healing light, color, and music!    to push out anxiety, S.A.D. and mild depression! Our OmColor Rejuvenation Room integrates color LED light with the sound frequency of each color and adds a top layer of beautiful music for your healing and relaxation pleasure. This service is sold in 60 […]


Private Meditation Instruction

Om2Ohm believes that Meditation doesn’t need to be difficult to be deeply effective. The greatest skill anyone can possess is a mind that is clear, quiet, and able to cope with the challenges of daily life. The practice of meditation is the greatest means to befriend your mind and connect you with your deepest inner […]