Certification Workshops



Meditation Level II

Meditation Level II ~ Diving Deeper Into Self Take meditation deeper! Topics will include: Deepen your understanding of how everything that makes up “you” is energy & what that means to your meditation practice Managing your energy through the breath Being fully present Letting go of what isn’t serving you  Techniques to expand your lung […]


Reiki I Immersion

Reiki I Immersion ~ Achieving Self Mastery & Self Healing Through Reiki… Join Master Reiki Teacher Sheri Rathburn as she guides you to become a vessel for healing. Sheri not only has years of training and expertise as a Reiki Master practitioner, but also profound gifts as an intuitive, metaphysician, sound healer, and empath. Her teaching is both a passion and a calling to initiate students into the beautiful world of Reiki so that they and others may benefit from the highest quality of healing and the deepest unconditional love and compassion that it represents.

Chakra Healing Energy

Reiki Master Certification

During this Reiki training with Reiki master Sheri Rathburn, you are initiated with three master level symbols and learn how to use these symbols to deepen your own healing practice. The Reiki Master attunement and symbol strengthen your skill and effectiveness as a Reiki practitioner and enhance your ability to heal and promote balance on all levels.


Anchoring Light Certification!

Who hasn’t looked up at the stars with awe and love of their light? Learn to connect to the stars that you are made of and become an incredible light conduit for their energy and healing power!


Quantum Clearing Session

Get ready for an entirely new you that is free of fear and blockages! Quantum Clearing is energetic and vibrational healing. It is a powerful healing that addresses your overall health: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.


Color, Light, & Sound Session

Bathe your mind and body with healing light, color, and music!    to push out anxiety, S.A.D. and mild depression! Our OmColor Rejuvenation Room integrates color LED light with the sound frequency of each color and adds a top layer of beautiful music for your healing and relaxation pleasure. This service is sold in 60 […]


Private Meditation Instruction

Om2Ohm believes that Meditation doesn’t need to be difficult to be deeply effective. The greatest skill anyone can possess is a mind that is clear, quiet, and able to cope with the challenges of daily life. The practice of meditation is the greatest means to befriend your mind and connect you with your deepest inner […]