Private Meditation Instruction


Om2Ohm offers the practices of Meditation and Mindfulness as wellness tools to promote your peace management, mind fitness, and whole body wellness. We teach user-friendly methods that always incorporate comfort, ease, and peace as you learn these important new skills.

Meditation is the ancient practice of relaxing, centering oneself, and turning one’s attention inward. There are many types, but they all can provide tremendous peace, freedom and healing power. The ability to be peaceful and mindful lives inside every person- just beyond the anxieties of the mind. Learning to harness and manage this is what Om2Ohm calls “Peace Management”.

The practice itself is simple- but it has profound effects. Meditation has now been proven to affect measurable changes in our brains and in our health- helping us to have greater access to inner contentment and lasting experiences of well-being.

We are proud both private sitting and moving meditation instruction. Our tailored private instruction will help, inspire, teach, and empower you to be peaceful and well in all areas of your life.


Meditation For Anxiety…

In your life, does everything sometimes seem overwhelming and sometimes down right menacing? Despite your best efforts, does it often feel as if  no matter what you try, that frightening panic takes over?  Anxiety can play tricks on you. It tells you that everything you feel is serious, it tends to paint everything in black […]


Mindfulness Coaching

 “Mindfulness has been described as an intentional focused awareness. A way of intentional focused awareness. A way of paying non-judgmental attention on purpose, paying non-judgmental attention on purpose, and in the present moment.“ and in the present moment.“ Jon Kabat-Zinn  What is mindfulness? Mindfulness simply means awareness and paying close attention to our lives. […]


Private Meditation Instruction

Om2Ohm believes that Meditation doesn’t need to be difficult to be deeply effective. The greatest skill anyone can possess is a mind that is clear, quiet, and able to cope with the challenges of daily life. The practice of meditation is the greatest means to befriend your mind and connect you with your deepest inner […]