Meditation For Anxiety…


In your life, does everything sometimes seem overwhelming and sometimes down right menacing? Despite your best efforts, does it often feel as if  no matter what you try, that frightening panic takes over? 

Anxiety can play tricks on you. It tells you that everything you feel is serious, it tends to paint everything in black and white, and then you have those nagging skewed perceptions. If you are someone who suffers from panic and anxiety, you know very well how awful this can feel and how difficult it can be just to get out of bed in the morning.

At Om2Ohm, through meditation, I can teach you how to dilute and dissolve anxiety and be more present without fear and worry.

Anxiety disorders adversely affect the lives of about 40 million Americans… They are plagued by insecurity, dread, persistent stress, and irrational fears. Meditation helps by quieting the overactive mind. Instead of buying into your fearful thoughts, you can start identifying with the silence that exists between every mental action. Through regular practice, you experience that you’re not simply your thoughts and feelings. You can detach yourself from these to rest in your own being.

I can help you learn how to remain centered… and if a thought or outside trigger pulls you out of your center, your meditation practice allows you to return there again. Being able to center yourself is a skill that anyone can learn, once they have the intention and the experience of what it feels like. Anxious people often shy away from meditation for various reasons. “I can’t meditate” is code for feeling too restless to sit still or having too many thoughts while trying to meditate. At Om2Ohm, these objections can be overcome.

The primary purpose of meditation isn’t to just melt your anxiety away… Instead, it’s to help you become more present right now, in this very moment. Meditation help to train the brain AND the body to react differently…to interupt the fight or flight mode that has been your “home frequency” for so long. The anxiety reduction is just a very pleasant side effect. The beautiful thing about this pleasant side effect, is that with practice and guidance, it will last longer than any pill you could ever take!

Anyone can meditate, even if the first sessions are short and need to be guided! Studies are consistently showing that with as little training as 2 hours of meditation practice per week, consistent positive effects are being shown!

Are you ready to welcome a more calm and relaxed you?