Mindfulness Coaching


 “Mindfulness has been described as an intentional focused awareness. A way of intentional focused awareness. A way of paying non-judgmental attention on purpose, paying non-judgmental attention on purpose, and in the present moment.“ and in the present moment.“ Jon Kabat-Zinn 

What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness simply means awareness and paying close attention to our lives. When we look at what’s happening within and around us without reacting and rushing to change things, that is being mindful.

Living mindfully means letting go of judging ourselves and our lives. This doesn’t mean putting up with things that aren’t good for us. It’s learning to trust our wisdom. It’s being open to the lessons that come with difficulties.

There’s nothing exotic or difficult about mindfulness but it is beautiful in its simplicity: Stop fighting, stop resisting, observe without judgement.

Mindfulness-based life coaching…

At Om2Ohm we will teach you practices that help you to see more clearly, find more peace, and feel more like you. Our job is to help you reconnect with your life, decide what you want and help you live it. It’s that simple.

We teach a mindful foundation ~ The power of the 6…

  • Power of the pause ~ Stop, think, notice where you are, create a gap to “rest”
  • Power of observation ~ practicing awareness versus reaction
  • Power of the breath ~ Finding calm, balance, and clarity,
  • Power of your inner radar ~ Gaining control over strong emotions
  • Power of the relaxed mind ~ A relaxed mind is a productive mind
  • Power of compassion ~ How it can short circuit stressors in your life.

People we help using Mindfulness-Based life coaching may need help with…

  • Work: Changing careers, improving an existing career, addressing workplace concerns
  • Relationships: Improving existing relationships, releasing old relationships, creating new ones.
  • Changing patterns: patterns that no longer work and creating ones that do.
  • Identifying goals and dreams: identifying, attracting, and manifesting exactly what you want in life.
  • Panic, Anxiety, and Depression: Overcoming racing and disturbing thoughts, dizziness, panic, depressed feelings, detached feelings.

Are you ready for a peaceful shift? Call us today! 

Each Mindfulness Coaching session is 60 minutes and is $85 per hour. 

Purchase a package of 3 sessions and receive $10 off per hour/ 6 sessions at 60 minutes each is $15 off per hour and also includes class pass to my monthly guided group meditation!