Om2Ohm offers half-day and full-day retreats that will help you gain a new perspective of life and a higher level of “being”. They will help set you free from your past and open new doors to your future. With this in mind, you are encouraged to take a step for yourself, join me, and choose to reach a higher level of awareness and being. Designed to help you fall in love with every moment of your life, my retreats can lead to the kind of personal growth you’ve longed for.

Here at Om2Ohm, I specialize in small intimate groups of 6-10 people per event. This insures that every guest has an amazing experience and is never overwhelmed with the energy of too many people. This also allows for plenty of interaction and sharing within the group.

Have you been looking for something unique to share with your friends, colleagues, or staff? It is my pleasure to tailor ANY of my retreats, workshops, or classes to suit your private group or business team building event!

Join me at Om2Ohm for self discovery and soul connection!


Sacred Feminine Awakening!

Are you ready to reconnect with your Sacred Feminine source and the deep, ecstatic wisdom and wildness that she holds? Are you ready to merge with the cosmic womb of creation and the web of life? Then this gorgeous day retreat is for you!