Full Moon Goddess Circle!


Join me at my home in Worthington this month for Full Moon Goddess Circle and One Year Anniversary Celebration!

All of the same amazing Full Moon Circle ritual and activites will still be taking place along with some additional magic and fun!

Special additions to this month’s sacred circle of activities:

Moon Bathing! What is Moon Bathing?

You may have heard of moon bathing before but might not know what all the fuss is about. It has for a long time been known that the Moon affects the Earth’s oceans and rivers with its gravitational pull, which is at its greatest during its New and Full phases. Since our bodies are estimated to be composed of about 80% water, it should be clear that the Moon has an effect on the water contained within our own body. As we sit or lay outside under the full moon, the inside and the outside of your body will be detoxified through this process, while bio-energetic weak points are restored and energy flow is activated by the light of the moon! And…it’s so fun, beautiful, and energizing!

Lunar Fire Walk!

No worries, we won’t be walking on real fire! I have designed a beautiful lunar firewalk with river stones and solar lit stones. This will be all aglow under the Full Moon Light and guests will be invited and encouraged to set their intentions for manifesting their highest vibrational desires as they walk across the lunar and solar lit stones!

Potluck and wine!

I will be providing some tasty treats and wine but this is also a potluck if guests choose to bring something to share as well! We will share in this goodness from 7pm until 7:30 before we begin our Full Moon rituals and activities as well as afterwards from about 9:30 until 10:30…..or so! : )

AND of course, as always, our usual Full Moon Rituals and activities will still take place:

The full moon beckons us once a month to slow down and reflect on our current life journey. This is the perfect time to do some deep soul work. Come join us for a night of deep connection, manifesting and healing!

Cleanse your energy, release that which does not serve you. Invite your guides, angels, masters, or teachers to be at your side. Create intentions, connect with your inner Goddess, and flow with the Full Moon energy of May AND the Waning Moon energy we are moving into!

Embrace the power of the Moon and ignite your authentic soul song with other beautiful women just like you…

Enjoy being a part of this sacred monthly full moon circle! We will start the evening by releasing old stagnant energy and that which no longer serves us through our Goddess fire, water, and air ritual!

  • Cleansing and clearing breathwork
  • Goddess Fire Bowl Ceremony to ignite and release our worries as we stand on the earth outdoors
  • Full Moon infused water enhanced with pure essential Rose oil, crystals, flowers, sound healing, and Reiki to wash our hands and open our hand chakras for receiving universal healing energy!
  • We will have a sharing of what’s happening with the Moon astrologically and what energy it’s bringing in.Experience deep shifting and transformation through Guided meditation and DNA Activation with Sheri Mollica Rathburn…

Enjoy being completely relaxed and guided through a visualization meditation to release fear and doubt, awaken intuition and open and activate dormant DNA strands.

You participate in the activation, experiencing the energy of it and making it more powerful.

This deep meditation and 12 Strand DNA Activation utilizes color and sound. The vibrations of the sacred Solfeggio frequencies open the receptors of your cells, allowing the activation to more easily be imprinted on the DNA. Sound sets the vibration of the body at the correct rate to receive the activation at each level. The energy vibration of colors adds to the power of this activation.

You will receive Reiki energy directly to the Pineal Gland through Sheri/ Reiki Master Healer, to deepen your experience.

Set your intentions through the power of the full moon…

The full moon has an intense amount of energy and its important we harness it in some way. After the full moon, it wanes; it is symbolic of the closing of a chapter or reaching a goal. With the full moon, we release what doesn’t serve and connect with our new intentions. The energy of the Full Moon amplfies the energy of your intentions!

We will guide you through this process of releasing the old and bringing in the new!

Group Channeling session with Jacki Keys…

Sit amongst the Enlightened Ones channeled by Jacki and experience their wisdom at this perfect time during the full moon!

During this channeled group session, Jacki will go into trance, voluntarily “putting aside” her own personality and temporarily relinquishing partial control to the Enlightened Ones to project their consciousness and speak through Jacki. Profound in nature, thought-provoking, and transformational. Often, her channeling is accompanied by animated hand gestures. This is called a Light Language transmission, which is energetic as well as visual. She will typically speak in English while her hands sign the Light Language, though sometimes it comes through verbally as well. This energy transmission is very powerful whether it be verbal, gestured, or both!

This special Full Moon Goddess Circle and Celebration is Registration only with no exceptions as it is being held at my private residence! The Address will be disclosed when you purchase your reservation! My home is located in Worthington off of 23 with very easy access and ample parking!

This will be an evening filled with extreme light, empowerment, and transformation so don’t miss it! $30 per person

I have just 28 spots available and they WILL go VERY quickly for this special event so be sure to register today!!!! Click on this link!

Friday, July 07, 2017
7:00pm – 10:30pm