Ma’Heo’O Reiki II Certification!

Ma’Heo’o Reiki Level II Certification! Dive deeper into the world of Great Spirit and be attuned to the final 4 Symbols and their healing energy!

What guests will experience:

  • Greetings, Opening Meditation, Cleansing/Clearing ,Offerings to Great Spirit
  • Group discussion/Experiences since being attuned to level I/ Feedback on Medicine Wheel homework.
  • Additional teachings on the 5 Elements
  • Meditation to connect to the 5 Elements
  • Ma’Heo’O Level 2 Symbols, their meanings, and application
  • Shamanic Journey to connect with your main Ma’heo’O Spirit guide or Elder.
  •  Level 2 Attunements & Ceremony/ This will be done individually
  • Using the Ma’Heo’O symbols and the 5 elements to balance the 7 main Chakras
  • Closing Meditation, short fire ceremony to re-ground and thank our Elders.

** I only accept 6 students per class so please don’t hesitate to register ASAP!

**Our time during this Level 2 workshop is set for 4 hours but may end earlier depending on the size of the group.


Sunday, March 08, 2020
3/8/20 1:00pm – 3/8/20 4:30pm