OM Alchemy Sound Healing Certification!


This Om Alchemy Sound Healing training was designed by Sheri Rathburn exclusively for Om2Ohm Meditation & Wellness Center. It is a foundational class geared towards those who desire to use sound healing for themselves as well as on others either as it’s own session or in combination with other modalities. You will learn some of the basics of sound healing – how it works, and how to use sound in a healing session. This class prepares you for further study and practice in sound healing and is a wonderful place to begin.

This class includes:

  • How and why  Sound Healing works!
  • Exploration of the cross-cultural use of sound and its healing potential, the relationship between the human body and sound
  • An introduction to using tuning forks, crystal bowls, and singing bowls for healing
  • Group meditation and activation of the High Heart Chakra frequency to open up your “energetic flow” for sound healing!
  • How to read the Human Biofield/Aura and use sound to heal body, mind, and spirit.
  • Using your intuitive guidance during sound healing sessions
  • How to use acupuncture points and energy meridians as pathways for vibrational healing,
  • How to use tuning forks to conduct a basic sound healing session designed to relax and ground the client
  • How to choose your sound healing tools
  • How to combine sound healing with other modalities such as massage, yoga, or Reiki
  • Practice time and more!

Led by Certified Meditation Instructor/Reiki Master Teacher/Certified Sound Healer Sheri Mollica-Rathburn

  • $225 per person includes in-studio practice materials, Level I Om Alchemy Sound Healing Manual, and 2 group practice sessions
  • Completion of OM Alchemy Sound Healing I allows the student to begin practice as a Sound Sealing practitioner right away and to advance to Om Alchemy Sound Healing Level II

** All Sound HealingCertification workshops are being held privately or semi-privately at this time due to social distancing measures in place! So, you may schedule your certification with me 1:1 or you may choose to do this workshop with 1 to 2 other people of your choosing! You may choose a weekday for this workshop or a weekend time.Due to this workshop being 3-4 hours long,  I do not offer evening appointments for this certification course.