Om2Mama Reiki Doula Certification


Learn to be a Reiki Doula and help women nurture their power within!

Many mothers do not have the support of their mothers, grandmothers, aunties or wisdom keepers of their “tribe”. Whether you originate from the Celtic Tribes, First Nations Tribes, Balinese, Hawaiian, Metis, Inuit, Germanic, Gypsy, Peruvian, Indian, Bedouin, Sukuma, tribal knowledge of the women was all the same. That deep ‘know-how’ beating within every woman who has walked the ‘land’ of babies and birthing and her babies generation birthing babes of their own. This wisdom is being reborn. We are being reborn into ourselves and we the women of long ago are remembering and bringing back these sacred teachings into this lifetime. The teachings that had been dormant and asleep for a small while are being awakened. By doing so, we are birthing an earth nation of undivided males and females. Reiki brings a this much needed “wholeness” to the table of new life!

There is now a resurgence of Midwifery and Doulas providing parents with an array of expertise…

Along with these professionals, Reiki Practitioners are becoming frequently requested both within the hospital setting and in home birthing. This Traditional Japanese Healing Art is a natural addition to bring into the birthing rooms to provide relaxation, a sense of well-being, and pain management! It just makes good sense, based on my own birthing experiences as a mother, my own loss from a miscarriage and tubal pregnancy, and of course my professional experience as a Master Reiki Practitioner and Teacher!

Amongst the other services I offer, I have a strong focus on helping women before, during, and after pregnancy.

I also help those women who have had problems getting pregnant or have had miscarriages in the past, and need help healing emotionally from that deep loss. I work with many clients in this way, and those women are happily and healthily pregnant and seeing me weekly or bi-weekly for Reiki to support them in their reproductive development, relaxation and helping to relieve any fears that may come up. With this experience I have been so honored to take part in, I knew I needed to teach other healers this same sacred offering!

Now I am offering to teach and certify others in this beautiful supportive and healing practice!

With this certification, along with the other required Reiki certifications, YOU can also do all that I have described above as well as be a part of natural births within a home setting, as well as a hospital, administering Reiki to the mother through contractions and through the birthing process until her healthy baby is resting happily within her arms.

Having Reiki as part of conception, pregnancy and childbirth will help with…

  •  Releasing stuck energy on all levels to “make more space” for successful conception
  • Continuous emotional and practical support
  • Receiving the powerful, loving and compassionate guidance Mothers (and baby) need
  • Building up a relationship with a woman and her partner during her pregnancy
  • Pain management
  • Aid in calming the mother as her body goes through the beautiful changes and transitions during the miracle of childbirth.
  • Help the overall energy of the room, and all within it including the father, healthcare providers and especially the mama and baby…the most important people within the room!
  • Can help with shortened labor and fewer complications
  • Will help greatly with breastfeeding
  • Postpartum support and bonding is greatly enhanced

What students will learn and experience during Om2Mama Certification Level I? Students will learn to be of great assistance with every step of the way for Mothers as as part of their birthing team… 

  • What does it mean to be a Reiki and Breathwork Doula?
  • Students will learn to strengthen and calm Moms through all phases of conception, pregnancy and birth.
  • Specific Mindful breathing techniques to help throughout the entire pregnancy, birth, and postpartum
  • Reiki protocol involved in being a Reiki and Breathwork Doula
  • Specific Reiki hand placements that benefit both Mom and baby at all stages
  • Students will experience a very special attunement and new symbols to use as a Reiki Doula
  • Learn how to combine your previous Reiki training with the Reiki Doula and Breathwork training

Does one have to be trained and certified and trained in Reiki to take this course?

Yes! It is a prerequisite to be trained through Reiki Level III to take the Om2Mama certification course. If you have not received previous Reiki training, please contact me and I will arrange a package to suit your needs and your budget that will include Reiki 1 through III as well as Om2Mama Level I!

 The soul arrives fully intact and whole from the vibratory field of purity into this place of matter and the heavier substance of physical earthly life. A peaceful atmosphere and Universal love is as close to a state of grace and sanctity that we can gift any new earthly life!

Are you ready future Reiki Doula?

Om2Mama Level I Fee: $225



Sunday, March 31, 2019
12:00pm – 5:00pm