Enlightened & Empowered Empath!


Are You A Highly Sensitive Person or Empath?

An individual who is known to feel other people’s energy and emotions as well as the energy of places and environmentsnis known to be an empath. In this workshop you will learn what being an empath means, how to cope with extreme sensitivity, and how to embrace it as a gift instead of a curse!

As an Empath of the most sensitive kind, Master Intuitive, Master Reiki Teacher, and Certified Master Meditation Instructor I have priceless information and techniques to share with you! Register for this EPIC workshop today!

Most importantly, YOU WILL BE CLEANSED, CLEARED, & LIFTED by the end of this workshop!!!

Can you identify with the following?

  • Being labeled as too emotional or sensitive?
  • Are your feelings hurt easily?
  • Do you get overstimulated when under pressure?
  • Do you feel nervous or anxious around loud noises, weird smells or textures, and bright lights?
  • Do you find that you eat, drink, smoke or use other substances to turn yourself off, emotionally and mentally?
  • Do you have difficulty with soaking in too much of the emotions and intentions of co workers and/or family members?
  • Are you the person that everyone comes running to for help with problems but then your left feeling drained?

In this workshop we will learn how to manage our sensitivity through learning about the spiritual gift of sensitivity and empathy.

Class agenda:

  • Opening Guided Meditation, cleansing, clearing, & Deep Sound Healing! I have much to show you and teach you so I believe it’s important to start this workshop with my helping you raise your vibration from the start!
  • Traits of the Empath and Highly Sensitive Person
  • Practices to help you cope and be empowered!
  • Empath survival in the workplace
  • Guided DNA Activation
  •  Protection, Grounding, Cord Cutting and removal exercises and discussions
  • Setting boundaries

I will be following up with everyone to provide excellent materials to help you practice what I teach you BUT, Please bring a note book and pen or pencils! You WILL want to write (or doodle) what resonates with you most!

Walk-ins are welcome but registration is highly encouraged!

Sunday, November 19, 2017
1:00pm – 4:00pm