Welcome to Om2Ohm!

It is no coincidence that you have arrived here! You are ready to REMEMBER who you truly are.

You are ready to RELEASE all that no longer serves you.

You are ready to RECALIBRATE your energy and, perhaps, your entire being to reach your highest personal vibration…your new “home frequency”!

Your soul has sent out the call to manifest the guidance you need most at this time and here you are!

My name is Sheri and I offer you this invitation to awaken and write your NEW story…your profound transformation and Soul Connection.

Soul Connection simply means “At the level of the soul”…

When hearing this term, the first thing that may come to mind might be that it means connecting deeply to another. We’ve all had at least one experience of immediately meeting another person at a very deep level despite having parted ways and not seeing each other in many years, or ever for that matter! This is because our original connection was not merely at the level of the personality. It was at the level of the soul. I believe that once you have truly connected with another that deeply, it is a connection that lasts for eternity.

What if you could encounter yourself in this way? 

This work is meant for you if you are truly ready to meet yourself  and deeply experience that soul connection. The guidance, teachings, and nurturing I can offer you will introduce you to your Soul Self, which resides at your highest frequency.

Through Om2Ohm I am here not just as your clairvoyant guide and teacher, but as your Soul Doula. I am here to hold space for you so that you can birth your true authentic self and manifest abundance on ALL levels!

This work and my guidance are for you if you are ready to commit…TO YOU!

This work and my guidance are for you if you are ready to be open to not just receiving but LISTENING to and TAKING ACTION on what your heart and soul need most! I offer you my hand in potent energy work and clairvoyant wisdom to help you on your journey, BUT seek me out only if you are ready to BE the answers and NOT just have someone tell you what you would like to hear. Rebirthing and becoming all that you are meant to be is a gift, but it is a gift that requires authentic effort and the willingness to see through your own ego mind! Sessions with me are deep and extremely detailed so please gift yourself the time of fully showing up!

Get ready to connect to all of the fragmented parts of you that have been, until now, set aside. You WILL become connected to… your highest self!

Welcome to light. Welcome to love with the highest frequency.Welcome to YOU! Isn’t it time to find your way OM?