Reiki and Messages!

What could be better than receiving the healing energy of Reiki and receiving psychic/intuitive messages and guidance?!

Sheri Rathburn is a Reiki Master, Master meditation Instructor and Sound Healer who also happens to be and Empath and Intuitive. During your Reiki & Messages session, you will receive amazing and healing Reiki  during which she will also “tune in” to your guides and higher self to relay any messages meant for you! During the last portion of your session, she will answer any questions you have regarding these messages and she will give you a complete intuitive reading.

How do I receive the guidance and messages I pass on to you?

As a Master Empath and Intuitive I receive most of the valuable information and messages from your guides and higher self through touch using my gifts of Clairtangency (clear feeling through touch) and Clairsentience (clear knowing). During every session the client receives a very relaxing and healing Reiki and Sound Healing session through which I also receive the guidance you need most at that time. After your energy work session I will share these messages with you, the images that present themselves, and the translation of that information for you to process. It is with exceptional clarity and loving kindness that I relay that guidance in the best possible way for you to take full advantage of it right away. It is truly a beautiful, moving, and transformational experience!

Session fee: $95 per hour/$125 for 90 minutes

During my sessions there is quite a lot of information and guidance that comes through me to share with you! The amount of information from your guides and your highest self (your soul self) varies from person to person. This information, otherwise known as your reading, is channeled through me as your guide and messenger.

During our time together, I share with you the messages that comes through the strongest and feels of the most priority. I also guide you on how to move forward with that information!

I allow at least 30 minutes of your session to go over these channeled messages with you. If there is more information that comes through that will not fit within this time frame, you will have the option to add on more time during your session or via a follow up email for an additional fee. The fee schedule is listed here below:

My sessions are very deep and the messages and guidance I channel for you is extremely detailed so plan on spending 90 minutes with me! My fee is $135 for 90 minutes including reiki/energy work, sound healing, and the clairvoyant reading with guidance in moving forward.

  • YES you may record the Intuitive Guidance portion of your session!