Enlightened Soul Sessions!

Your soul has known, and will always know, many shapes. It carries within it the wisdom to support you throughout your soul’s unfolding, remembering, and blossoming. In its sacred energetic dance with the body – through choices, trauma, habits – pieces of the soul can lose their connection to a lifetime. In these moments, Quantum Clearing and Soul Connection can summon your soul parts home.

You may have heard of this type of session and work as “Soul Retrieval”. Although there are many similarities to a Soul Retrieval session and my Enlightened Soul sessions, my sessions incorporate many modalities of healing in combination with the actual Shamanic Practice of Soul Retrieval!

Enlightened Soul Sessions are for you if you are ready for rapid, positive, and profound change! These sessions are an intensive, spiritual, and evolutionary processes . I customize your session utilizing a variety of techniques as I am guided by your Higher Self or other Spirit Consciousness. The intention is always for your greatest good and benefit at that time. These sessions address core issues, clear negative energies, and restores the peace and soul connection that is your birthright and that you deserve to experience permanently. Quantum Clearing and Soul Connection sessions are highly efficient and is equal to receiving multiple sessions at once.

The first part of your Enlightened Soul session is Quantum Clearing…

What is Quantum Clearing? Quantum Clearing is an energetic and vibrational healing method I have developed with the channeled help of my Master Guides and Teachers. It is a powerful healing that, with the help of  YOUR guides and Higher Self , addresses your overall health: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. It is a TRANS-DIMENSIONAL process that incorporates several energetic healing modalities to completely clear what I call “energetic shrapnel” within the body system as well as the energetic biofield (aura) around the body.

Quantum Clearing might be compared to weed removal. Weeds can be cut off at the lawn’s surface, but unless the roots are removed, they will grow back even more aggressively! Traditional medicine stops at the lawn level, while Quantum Clearing goes to the place of origin, quickly and completely removing all roots and clearing the consciousness as though the problem never existed. As this starts to work, you will feel lighter and able to think more clearly.

Why does Quantum Healing work? Energy healing works because everything that is manifested in the physical body is first created in the energy body, which is a field that surrounds the body. The only way to get rid of something entirely is to remove it from the energy body. There are many layers to the energy body, and by systematically removing blockages there, the physical body is positively impacted. Healing outside the body creates healing within it.

What can Quantum Healing help with? Virtually anything can be healed, from physical problems such as knees, backs, migraines, fibromyalgia, arthritis, allergies; to mental and emotional issues such as anger, control, low self-esteem. Quantum Clearing is not only for physical issues. In fact, it is especially helpful if you have destructive thoughts, feelings, fears, or emotions that you would like to release. The Quantum process clears out all these old energy patterns and replaces them with new, affirming, positive thoughts that will empower you. This will start moving negativities out of your body’s energy field and then out of your physical body.

Enlightened Soul Connection… Asking fragmented or lost soul parts to return home to YOU…

As your Master Shamanic Practitioner, Clairvoyant Guide, and Master Healer, I work with your Spirit Helpers in non-ordinary reality to call your power to return to you. An Enlightened Soul Session may restore power, energy and vitality to you as wells as a particular soul part or parts that are willing to return. Each soul part is another version of you with different qualities, likes and dislikes, maybe even a younger or thinner body than what the client has at present. I help you and your soul parts exchange information so that you can become familiar with each other again to reintegrate together.

Enlightened Soul Sessions bring change, healing and emotions that need to be acknowledged and processed so be mindful and open to do that! Sometimes it is necessary to take the soul part through a change during the retrieval. The soul part can be guided through a process of transformation and brought forward into present time. Your retrieved soul parts may go through a sequence of actions to “re-wire”, re-pattern, or reconnect energetic pathways to create a new  different body memory for healing and self-empowerment. Connecting to the divine, radiant energy of the Higher Self and embracing full clarity and purpose is also possible.

What is Soul Fragmentation? 

Think of your Soul as your mirror image looking back at you while you look into it hanging on the wall in front of you. A sudden impact breaks the mirror, it may shatter and some pieces fall and scatter. These pieces may land on the counter or down on the floor below. Now the mirror is marked by cracks with chunks missing and the image looking back at you is fragmented. The shattered pieces are still nearby as you stoop to gather them up. An Enlightened Soul session is like finding the pieces of the mirror that have gone missing and restoring it. Looking into the mirror, you see your reflection as whole, complete and the “soul” pieces are visible once again.

People cannot live an authentic life when their soul parts are out of reach. We experience various moments when the mirror shatters and our soul is convinced it is not safe so it says, ” Time to hide! I’m out of here!” In those moments, a portion of the soul splinters or leaves the body completely. From that point on, a portion of the soul might not be able to return on it’s own or refuses to do so. The Soul part takes up residence somewhere in what is called by Shamans, “world of spirit” until such time that it can be safely reunited with the body. Shamans believe that soul loss is the most common source of illness, depression and chronic fatigue, as well as a variety of mental and emotional disorders.

Why would a piece of you leave?

Soul fragmentation occurs as a result of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual trauma or abuse and any combination thereof. Parts of the soul literally leave the body because some events are too painful to endure while maintaining conscious awareness at the same time. A shock or trauma can be anything from a near death experience to being startled by a sudden noise! In that particular moment the soul is convinced that it is in big trouble or it can’t stay. Soul parts can leave for any number of reasons; a child who doesn’t want to move to another place might leave a soul part in their old hometown or an adult might have given a soul part to a lover saying, “but I gave you my heart”.

Other reasons parts of the soul may leave the body energetically:

  • An intense emotional relationship
  • A major illness or medical crisis
  • Past life remembrance/trauma
  • Major accidents and or surgery
  • Generational trauma/inheriting the energy of our ancestors
  • Divorce or separation from a partner or a breakup of a relationship
  • Death of a loved one including pets
  • Living in or grew up in a dysfunctional family
  • Alcoholism, substance abuse and or drug use
  • Domestic and or sexual abuse
  •  Miscarriage
  • Combat trauma
  • Loss of a job
  • Change in residence or culture shock due to a move to another city or country.

Most people will quite readily resonate with the idea of having left a part of themselves somewhere else. It seems to be a natural way of identifying with the situation. 

A “piece” or “soul part” could be a body part or a subset of personal memories, qualities, abilities and or feelings. When a soul part leaves, it takes some aspects of the personality and a chunk of our life-force or vital energy with it. That aspect might be trust, creativity or personal power. The larger part of the person that remains present is disconnected from those qualities and a portion of their spiritual energy is unavailable. The soul part has a consciousness of its own that contributes to the whole. One way or another, suspicions arise that something is stuck or missing. The idea might come up while working on an issue or a person might be searching for a solution to a problem to no avail. Obviously, it is important to get that part or that aspect back. Sometimes this happens spontaneously, other times really good therapy can be required to bring a soul part home.

What is the objective of an Enlightened Soul Session?

To discover and integrate what is needed in this moment of your life – for your greatest benefit. To facilitate the remembering of your authentic self and your purpose. To activate shifts in your awareness, behavior, and well being, and therefore a reunion with your Highest Self..your Soul Self. A bringing home of ALL of you.

Guided by your own Higher Self, a combination of techniques are utilized – as guided by me – to facilitate shifts on many levels of your being. What you experience may be subtle or profound. It as always as you allow it!  All sessions are unique, each and every time.

What will you experience during your Enlightened Soul Session with me? I partner with and communicate directly with your Higher Self and your guides to obtain instruction about the techniques and information that will help you the most at this time in your life. Always with your permission and open intentions, any combination of the following techniques MAY be incorporated:

  • Clearing of all fear-based thoughts and emotions so that you can experience your True Self… your WHOLE self!
  • Negative spirit attachments and/or human attachments (if any) are permanently removed.
  • Other negative attachments or energetic blockages are removed, as guided by your Higher Self and your guides
  • Past lives may be identified, explored and resolved utilizing spiritual communication
  • I will channel messages from your higher self, other high-level spiritual sources such as a spirit guides or Angels
  • Your guides may also participate in guiding your energetic “bodywork.”

Energetic “body and light work” will also take place and may include some of the following:

  • Energetic repatterning/re-connections as they are channeled through me as the clear conduit
  • Release of past life energy so that you can better reintegrate into this lifetime
  • Ma’Heo’O Reiki (The Shamanic Version of this modality)
  • Light meridians within the body and around the body cleared
  •  Chakra opening and balancing
  • Reiki
  • Activation of Kundalini
  • Guided Shamanic Journeys
  • Dreamwork
  • Soul Breathing ~ Breathwork in combination with Reiki to clear old energy patterns,static/stagnant energy, & merge with your soul self
  • Balancing of masculine and feminine energies (yin and yang)
  • Removal of energy blocks (“psychic surgery”)
  • Pineal (3rd eye) activation
  • DNA Activation
  • Sound Healing through crystal bowls, Tibetan Bowls, Tuning forks, Rattle, or drumming
  • Fire, water ritual, and nature ritual together to put your intentions and healing into physical form
  • Star Medicine through the channeled frequencies and energy of our neighboring stars and galaxies


  • Nine times out of 10 YOU are exactly correct in knowing what you need.
  • Whether you have an understanding of what criteria identifies soul loss for you, your state of being will reflect it and with your intuitive (gut) knowing and  insight, you will feel a compelling need for this work!
  •  If you are willing to do the grounded work to keep open the balanced rapport between your soul and your earthly consciousnesses, you  can expect the parts of your soul that need healing to stick around and truly receive that healing, activation, and alignment
  • These sessions ARE very deep and transformative! Please plan to take this sacred time for yourself along with time on your own after your session to process and reground!

For those who are ready to make those changes, soul retrieval can bring rapid release and healing. Spiritual healing is not instead of other modalities of healing. Rather, spiritual healing requires and inspires healing on all levels! 

Each Enlightened Soul Session is unique and the possibilities are endless and always evolving! It IS intensive work and you WILL be transformed! Although I am a Master Light Worker, Energy Worker, and Clairvoyant Guide, YOU, your commitment, and your openness to receive what you need and do “the work” are the most important factors!

Each session is 90 minutes in length including the clairvoyant messages and guidance I will have for you so be sure to plan on this time with me!

I invite you to record your channeled messages and guidance as a part of every session! This way, You may go back and listen to them as often as needed! It is so important to know that each time you listen to your recorded messages, you aren’t just listening with your ears! You are also receiving the loving and high vibrational energy and healing from your guides! This transmission of energy and activation knows no time or space!

Will you need more than one session? This is all up to you and how you process the first session. From my personal and professional experience, at least two 90 minute sessions are ideal to make the deepest progress that will create the shift you need, however, MUCH can be accomplished within the first session! How you proceed after your first session is always up to YOU! Time to process in between sessions (5-7 days) is always my suggestion.

Contact me at sheri@om2ohm.com or text me at (614)787-0583 to schedule your session after you make your purchase!

Fees are per individual per session: Each in-person Enlightened Soul Session is $165 for 90 minutes OR you may choose a remote session for $145. Purchase your session here!