I believe that your wellness journey should be exciting, positive, and transformational. We help you to learn to manage the peace you are capable of so that you’re not stuck with the stress you didn’t want in the first place!

As a center dedicated to healing, relaxation, and renewal, the Om2Ohm Meditation and Wellness Center provides a beautiful, peaceful and inspiring environment for the nourishment of body, mind and soul. We have created a mosaic of diverse classes and workshops of the highest quality, taught with deep knowledge and unending passion for healing, guidance, and mentorship.

In a world where we live in fight or flight mode, Om2Ohm is here to provide refuge, peace, and nurturing instruction that yields incredible healing results. These results are meant to last indefinitely instead of just “fix” temporarily!


Invoking Angels!

Everyone has Angels and EVERYONE is able to communicate with them and receive their guidance! This workshop is your perfect opportunity to learn how!


Cord Cutting, Light Body Activation & Messages!

Join me for this deep guided journey & messages session where I will help you to cut the cords and attachments of all that is holding back and to not only bring your power back to you but to also to greatly expand that power and activate your light body!


Candle Magic & Manifesting!

Let the sparks begin with a simple wish…

The candle is an excellent tool for manifestation. Fire represents transformation, creation, and purification. By using this element, we are taking our intention to the next level, lighting the way to our wishes and desires.


Ma’Heo’O Reiki Level 1

I am so excited to announce that I offer Ma’heo’o Reiki Certification! Although I had been channeling and using this method of Reiki in combination with traditional Reiki for sometime now, I’m honored to have been formally trained and attuned as a Ma’heo’o Master Teacher! Such a beautiful system of healing! Ma’heo’o translated means Great […]


Reiki II Certification!

Learn the next level of Reiki and become a Second Degree Reiki Practitioner! Reiki II ~ The Second Degree of Reiki focuses on healing at the mental and emotional level. It’s time to get into the full flow of Reiki energy!


Mindful Breathing & Sound Healing!

Join Master Meditation Instructor, Sheri Rathburn, and be guided through several mindful breathing techniques & the blissful sound of crystal singing bowls to cleanse and clear your energy as well as deeply calm both the mind and the body!


Advanced Reiki

Get ready to be immersed in an in-depth exploration of Reiki energy and your relationship to it as a healer! Everything I know and experience as a Master Energy Healer, how energy works, our intuitive powers, our connection to our guides and angels, the spirit of healership, and so much more is woven together to create this deep dive into Advanced Reiki.


New Moon Goddess Day Retreat!

Incredible energy and manifestation await you…

The path to reclaiming your Goddess essence and your true Soul Calling contains your greatest bliss and your greatest challenges but on this path also contains the milestones of your evolution!


Soul Connection ~ Meet Your Spirit Guides!

Soul Connection-Meet Your Spirit Guides! As we get ready to start the new year, are you wondering if you have guardian angels or guides looking out for you and how to communicate with them? Would you like to be truly connected to your guides and be able to use their assistance to have the best future ever?! Join Sheri Rathburn, Inutitive Guide/Master Meditation Instructor/Reiki Master Teacher for this very special awakening!


Reiki I Immersion

Reiki I Immersion ~ Achieving Self Mastery & Self Healing Through Reiki… Join Master Reiki Teacher Sheri Rathburn as she guides you to become a vessel for healing. Sheri not only has years of training and expertise as a Reiki Master practitioner, but also profound gifts as an intuitive, metaphysician, sound healer, and empath. Her teaching is both a passion and a calling to initiate students into the beautiful world of Reiki so that they and others may benefit from the highest quality of healing and the deepest unconditional love and compassion that it represents.


The Alpha Experience!

Get ready to touch the stars and feel your connection with the Universe! This will be a deep and incredible awakening, activating, and healing meditation gathering… one that you will not soon forget!