Cedar & Sage Wisdom!

Allow me to immerse you in the wisdom, medicine, and magick of sacred Cedar and Sage!

Used for centuries by First Nations Peoples, Cedar and Sage are among the treasured Four Sacred Medicines ( Tobacco, Cedar, Sage, & Sweetgrass) used in ceremony, smudging, and medicine.

During this beautiful workshop, with great honor and respect, I will be sharing with you my journey with these sacred plants and the teachings that were passed down to me through my Shaman Teachers and elders.

With this knowledge, you will be able to begin your own personal journey and practice with sacred plant wisdom!

What guests will experience:

  • Honoring the four directions/Centering and opening breathwork
  • History and lore of Cedar and Sage
  • Respecting Indian tradition when using sacred plants
  • Applications of Cedar and Sage in medicine, smudging, & ceremony
  • Shamanic Journey to connect with Cedar and Sage wisdom
  • How to create your own sacred plant oils, tinctures, & loose incense
  • I will be guiding students in making the above items in small quantities to take home!
  • How to incorporate Cedar and Sage in your sacred space, on altar, medicine wheel/medicine wheel bowl etc.
  • Meditating with Cedar and Sage

The fee for this workshop is $125 per person.

Workshop Dates for Spring and Summer of 2024 coming soon!


There are no prerequisites for this class, all are welcome!

  • Take-home manual and all materials are included!
  • This workshop will be held at Sackett Flower Farm at 2826 Curve Rd in Delaware, 43015 and will be an OUTDOOR event!