Healer Certification Workshops

 Welcome to Om2Ohm Healer workshops!

It is my honor and passion to offer in depth opportunities for you to advance your studies around energy, consciousness and healing. Each offering empowers students to a deeper sense of presence, confidence and embodiment!

The Healer Workshops and certifications that I offer are very immersive and extremely in depth. It is my goal and passion to teach and pass down all of this sacred knowledge to others that wish to authentically help create and hold space for others and their healing, for better communities, and for a better world!

With the knowledge and practice acquired from these workshops, students will be able to put that Knowledge into practice for self healing and self discovery or to help others on their healing journey! All students receive a certificate of completion with each Om2Ohm Healer workshop when each workshop and its accompanying practices and supplemental teachings are complete.


USUI Reiki I Immersion

Reiki I Immersion ~ Achieving Self Mastery & Self Healing Through Reiki… Join Master Reiki Teacher Sheri Rathburn as she guides you to become a vessel for healing and empowering support!

Reiki Master Certification

Get ready to be immersed in an in-depth exploration of Reiki energy and your relationship to it as a healer! Everything I know and experience as a Master Energy Healer, how energy works, our intuitive powers, our connection to our guides and angels, the spirit of healership, and so much more is woven together to create this deep dive into Advanced Reiki.

Reiki Master Teacher Certification

During this Reiki training with Reiki master Sheri Rathburn, you are initiated with three master level symbols and learn how to use these symbols to deepen your own healing practice. The Reiki Master Teacher attunement and symbol to strengthen your skill and effectiveness as a Reiki practitioner and enhance your ability to heal and promote balance on all levels.