Teachings & Experiences

I believe that your wellness journey should be exciting, positive, and transformational!

Om2Ohm is dedicated to your healing, relaxation, and renewal! I have created a mosaic of diverse experiences of the highest quality, taught with deep knowledge, experience, and unending passion for teaching, enlightening, and empowering others!

So, how can you participate in my classes and teachings?

Currently, I offer my teachings 1:1 in-person upon request. I also offer some of my favorite teachings and events at other local and magical locations!

Invoking Angels!

Everyone has Angels and EVERYONE is able to communicate with them and receive their guidance! This workshop is your perfect opportunity to learn how!

Light Alchemy & Activation

Join me on this special day to receive light code activations, star energy attunement, And a personal message for you! My guides are lightin’ me up with urgency and I’m so excited for this event!

Soul Breathing ~ Breathwork For Transformation!

As I guide you through these ancient and transformational breathing techniques, you will experience the release of what isn’t serving you, the stillness needed for more clarity, and the activation of your highest vibration…Your Home Frequency!

Deep Dive with Your Spirit Guides!

Soul Connection-Meet Your Spirit Guides! As we get ready to start the new year, are you wondering if you have guardian angels or guides looking out for you and how to communicate with them? Would you like to be truly connected to your guides and be able to use their assistance to have the best future ever?! Join Sheri Rathburn, Inutitive Guide/Master Meditation Instructor/Reiki Master Teacher for this very special awakening!

Meditation, Sound Healing & Messages from The Deep!

Join Master Healer Sheri Rathburn for this beautiful group meditation and energy healing for clearing energetic build-up, enhancing flow of life force energy, and allowing realignment to purpose. Guests will experience the combination of healing and clearing reiki touch with sound healing from the beautiful voices of the whale.