Light Alchemy & Activation

Join me to receive light code activations, star energy attunement, And a personal message for you! My guides are lightin’ me up with urgency and I’m so excited for this event!

Each guest will also receive a personal message as channeled through me to give to you before you leave!

Light codes are energy patterns, sacred geometries, colors, sound waves, light patterns, and frequencies that all of creation emits. We are able to access them in multiple dimensions and octaves through light language and other galactic modalities.

Some people carry light codes from higher realms or galactic origins and are able to activate them in others. These souls are usually aware of their intergalactic adventures and missions. Many of them speak the coded languages of other star systems or councils that they participate in.

Each code contains the information, such as planetary coordinates, etc., of where the recall is to take place. And although these codes might make no sense to the ‘rational’ mind, they will indeed be perceived, understood, and acknowledged by the Higher Mind. This, in turn, will activate certain ‘triggers’ within the sub-conscious, which will subliminally lead each to the proper coordinates at the proper time.

Discover and DOWNLOAD your high frequency light codes as you activate the highest form of consciousness and unlock the dormant diamond codes within you! Did you know that Diamond Codes connect into the earth’s crystalline grid and extend to the far corners of the universe? Experience increased wellness, healing, prosperity, peace and passion on a level you have never experienced before!

You will be experiencing a channeled guided session from Sheri Rathburn that has never been heard or experienced from anyone else!

Here at Om2Ohm, I specialize in private and semi-private small  groups of no more than 3 people per event. This insures that every guest has an amazing experience, we all honor safe social distancing, and no one is ever overwhelmed with the energy of too many people.

$60 per person