Clairvoyant Readings

A Clairvoyant Reading and Counseling Session with me is a loving and spiritual blend of a counseling session, energy healing, and psychic reading while also adding energy clearing and inner light activation. You’ve heard of life coaching right? Well… This is life coaching on spiritual steroids! (Good, you’re smiling now!)

What does Clairvoyant mean?

Clairvoyance refers to one of four ‘clairs’ of psychic intuition and refers to the extrasensory ability to ‘SEE’. So, this is where psychic readers are able to see and use images they receive to pass on messages! These images can be metaphors and symbolism that need to be translated or deciphered depending on the reading or sometimes, those messages very clearly refer to an issue or situation of the person having the reading.

As a clairvoyant psychic with focus on clairvoyance, I start to see these relevant images before the reading has even begun – and in some cases, before I have even met my client! I then use what I can ‘see’ and interpret the images throughout the reading.

I was also born and blessed with other psychic gifts which i incorporate into my sessions!

Clairaudience is the psychic ability to clearly ‘hear’ messages meant for the client, audibly through voices and sounds. These voices and sounds are from your spirit guides, angels. master teachers, and your highest self…your soul self!

Claircognizance is ‘clear knowing’… a psychic that reads using this gift will ‘just know’ the information as the reading goes on. This extrasensory knowing is how important messages are passed on to the person having the reading.

Clairsentience is all about feelings. A psychic that reads in this way will get a gut feeling that will tell them the information that they need to know for their reading. In other cases, they may ‘feel’ the emotions of the reading or even the pain or physical feelings involved in the reading. For me, this goes extremely deep and very often goes right down to a cellular level! I am able to feel generational wounds, past life trauma, physical and  energetic scarring, as well as tears in the auric field that need repair or guidance on how to release! It’s all so incredibly fascinating and allows me to help clients on a very deep level!

Messages from the other side… unlike psychic mediums, I do not communicate directly with the deceased on command. IF spirit wants this to happen during any given session, and the deceased WANTS to come through, it WILL HAPPEN AS IT IS MEANT TO BE. If this communication is meant to happen, I will feel and be shown this as I become the clear conduit and high vibrational channel for this to happen! It is a beautiful thing when this happens BUT, we must be respectful of the deceased and also understand that we ourselves may be blocking that communication with our own deep grief. Know that communication with our deceased loved ones is a gift. We should not command it, and it WILL happen when the time and circumstances are right.

I am a relentless hope dealer with 17 years experience… It is my soul’s passion and my life’s work to guide, empower, and  shower you with hope!

You WILL receive the answers you need and the guidance to move forward.

You WILL feel a shift.

You WILL shake loose what is stuck.

You WILL activate the amazing light already within you.

As a Clairvoyant Guide, Spiritual Counselor, and Light Worker…

I hold space for you, your feelings, and your struggles. I can feel them and I know how very real they are. Using my gifts, I am able to tune in to your spirit guides, higher self, and the collective consciousness to access the guidance that will help you most…RIGHT NOW. I gently show you that through the mindful inner exploration of your mind and understanding your energy, you have great influence to positively create a life you will love. An aspect of my gifts is the precise sense to identify the root of your limiting beliefs and those things holding you back from your greatest potential. I  see your words and energy like one might experience a movie. From there I guide you to align with what your heart wants and what your soul connects to.

Why Choose a Clairvoyant Reading Session?

So many of my clients have shared that Clairvoyant Guidance sessions with me are more effective for them than years of traditional counseling or talk therapy. Talking ,of course, is wonderful and necessary for progress. We will do a lot of that but the difference here is that I am always guiding you forward. I DO NOT allow you to continuously swim around frantically in your past. Your past history is of course a part of you, but in my sessions I help you see it with clarity, honor the lessons it brought you and then I show you a new door to walk, skip, or run through!

My Clairvoyant Sessions can be focused on any or all aspects of your life now or even on past life experiences that may have baring on your life situation presently!

You may choose to ask a main question or state a concern to me before our session begins, or you may choose to allow your guidance to present itself organically. Either way, what is most important for you to know at that time WILL come up!

Are you ready to release what isn’t serving you any longer and to activate the light that has been laying dormant within you?

  • My sessions are very deep and extremely detailed so please plan on taking that time for yourself!
  • You may choose the 90 minute session (most popular) where you will receive ALL messages and guidance that comes through for you, or you may choose the 60 minute session that includes Reiki, Sound healing and the ONE main message that comes through for you.

Purchase your session here, and then email me at, or text me at (614)787-0583 to schedule your session!