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Sit…relax…dream with me. Meditate and share mindful musings with me here! My OmBlog is a happy place that you can visit and be inspired and empowered by whenever you need it. 

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Why the Name Om2Ohm?

I am often asked “How did you come up with the name Om2Ohm and what does it mean?” Today, I’m being pulled to share that here… It almost feels like a renewing of a vow for me! The first part of that answer is that I was gifted the name through a dream even before […]


What is the Mystery?

Whenever we are talking Goddess stuff, Priestess stuff, or about soaking up all that magical esoteric delicious knowledge, there is a phrase that pops up. Mystery School. Sounds exciting and… well mysterious, right? Like it’s a grand carved old oak door set in a thousand year old stone house that you reach through a misty […]


Full Moon & The Tides of YOU…

The tides of YOU are flowing in with power of this upcoming Super Moon and Mercury Retrograde… Tides are created because the Earth and the moon are attracted to each other, just like magnets are attracted to each other. The Moon tries to pull at anything on the Earth to bring it closer. But, the […]


Channeled Message from Kali!

Goddess Kali says “Boom Bishes! It’s time to get fierce!” It is ON with this Full Moon in Aries! No more hiding under your veils and masks or anyone else’s! This speaks of endings, destroying of illusions, and new beginnings! Release ego self talk and receive being fully illuminated! Read on and listen to my channeled message from Kali!


Holding Space…

Holding space…I would have to say that this is one of the subjects that come up most often during both my group and individual sessions with clients. What does this mean exactly? Holding space is the mindful practice of compassion without taking responsibility for the outcome. This isn’t complicated to understand but it is a concept […]


Embrace Being An Empath!

I embrace being an Empath! I stand in the light of empowerment and wisdom as a guide. I am one who serves my highest self at all times and I am victim to nothing and no one. I serve and guide others but I am not a “rescuer”. I am a skilled and highly intuitive […]


Keep Your Inner Sanctuary Pure!

Remember that your inner sanctuary is eternal so keep it pure! This may be a room, a sacred space that you visit, or you own body. You may come back to this inner sanctuary whenever you wish to refresh your spirit and to gain resources to help you deal with the rest of your world […]


Solar Eclipse Channeled Message!

This total Solar Eclipse was and IS a chance for all of us to awaken and embrace our unity, and connectedness to all things and ALL people, our responsibilities to each other, to Mother Earth and to the future. But first we have to be at one with ourselves… This eclipse occurs on one of […]


Emerge like the Lotus!

As this month goes along, if you feel like your light is being dimmed and you can’t see or SMACK the hands that are doing it, stay strong anyway! There is HUGE energy all around us right now so keep pushing up through the muck, skimming the scum off of the surface, and emerge into […]


Taking off the training wheels…

Learning to meditate or even to just be more mindful in your daily life is a lot like riding a 2 wheel bike for the first time. It’s not that “you can’t” or that ” you’re not ready”. Rather, it’s a lot more about the struggle to simply allow and let go. Sometimes the training […]

We still need the shadows to shine…

We all still need the shadows to shine…The hours around dusk and dawn are called the crepuscular hours and have given this light phenomenon its name. Dusk and dawn is the time of these rays’ most frequent occurrences when the contrast between light and dark is the most obvious. Crepuscular rays need a source throwing […]


There Is Beauty In The Deep…

I know this is a long message, sooooo… have a seat! There is so much beauty in the deep…the deepest parts of you. Within you, entwined with the matrix of your energetic being and swimming throughout every cell and every atom of what makes you, lies truth. It is raw, it is naked and, it […]


The Sacred Dance Of Grief…

A message today for those feeling immersed in grief. Grief is a very sacred, tender, and intimate dance…always in motion, this dance sometimes glides with beauty and grace but most often it is haphazardly choreographed with unexpected dips, spins, and turns. This can leave us feeling lost and out of control, but know that you […]


All Of Your Answers Lie in silence…

All of your answers lie in silence…that pause in between racing and looping thoughts and inner dialogue. It is ok to have worries and to have questions of course… But… DON’T get lost in those thoughts and questions because they always travel in a circle not forward. BE KIND to yourself… It took you a […]


Answers In the Autumn Wind…

Falling leaves and letting go Wisdom in nature…it always knows Some see shadows when winter is near But I see beauty and all is clear Answers in the Autumn wind always find me Joy in release, new beginnings I see!                               […]


The Full Moon allows us to truly see…

During the Full Moon we see things as they are no longer hidden behind veils and the veneers that cover truths. Allow your soul and your heart to be illuminated! This is a time to see all the possibilities that exist and all that can be. And so it is!


Sit In Your Soul Purpose…

Try this…Sit in loving kindness with yourself for a few minutes…There is no judgement as you sit in that space, only gentle awareness. Really let yourself SEE and FEEL the price you have been paying for not knowing who you really are and why you are alive but not living this life fully. Are you […]


Seeing With New Eyes…

Most often we go through our existence believing that things can only be seen or experienced one specific way. Without even realizing it, we assume that once we have learned or experienced something, (or perhaps even someone) that’s it, there is nothing more…been there, done that. Try changing your perspective about something or someone today…  […]


This Door is For You…

Just a gentle reminder for you today… If you knock on a door and it doesn’t open, do not push. You can not go through a closed door without forcing your will upon it. Forcing your will on things gets results but not in the way you might want or expect! If you push the […]


Messages In The Trees…

Today, I’m reflecting on some of the most incredible beauty and wisdom that often gets taken for granted…Trees! Trees hold magic and wisdom for us all…not just in the obvious beauty of their foliage and their rootedness in the ground reminding us of their enduring strength, but also within their quiet messages and spiritual connection. […]


Be like water and flow…

Be like water and flow… Water is the source from which all life springs. We require the constant flow of water into us, through us, and around us. Water is neither created or destroyed, it always continues to flow, circulate, and change form regardless of where it is and what obstacles might be in its […]


Connect With Your Higher Self…

Take just a minute today and connect with your Higher Self. This part of you is always connected with Source. It is always filled with love, compassion and wisdom. Your higher self holds no judgment or fear. This is your purest form of light.Turn this light on and turn it up…way up, so that the […]


When darkness comes, choose gratitude…

As we head into the Holidays, I’m feeling mindful of those who may not be feeling the deep gratitude, love, and connectedness that I feel. The holiday season can be a time of joy but also a time of great stress. The pressure to be exuberant amidst winter’s darkness often leads to a feeling of […]


When The Silence Is Too Loud…

Sometimes the silence is louder than the audible outside noise of every day life. Sometimes the silence is louder than the disjointed thoughts in our heads and the emotions in our hearts. Sometimes…it’s that “loud” silence that gives us a chance to hear the guidance that’s trying to get through. Always…that loud silence gives our […]


The Space In Between…

When all of the leaves fall and the flowers die until next spring, It isn’t the end of anything…it isn’t really the death of anything. it is the space in between…the gap. A time for dormancy and rest so that the spring season can bring life and renewal once again. For us, the space between […]


Touch shouldn’t be a forgotten language…

What a beautiful Reiki experience today working with one of my newest clients! Before her session she shared with me that she decided to seek a session with me for some balance and peace away from her busy life as Mom of 3 toddlers, a wife, and writer. AFTER her session she was teary eyed. […]


When We Are The bridge And Not The Destination

I had a dream of a beautiful bridge where I was standing at one end helping people across but I remained in place on that bridge without leaving it. It reminded me that sometimes I feel disappointed when connections I have made never developed into deeper friendships or relationships that I had hoped they would. […]


Invitation To Love Yourself First…

“You can search throughout the entire universe for someone who is more deserving of your love and affection than you are yourself, and that person is not to be found anywhere. You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.” – Buddha When we think of Loving Kindness we often […]

Halloween Web

Oh The Webs We Weave…

If you have ever adorned trees and other things with the store bought spider webbing for Halloween, you know how tricky and difficult it can be to remove! Outside this morning I set forth to complete that very task…the arduous, annoying, and frustrating task. Some of the webbing was wet from the overnight dew and […]


I See The Moon In Your Eyes…

I have always been madly in love with the moon. I’m intoxicated by her beauty and power but even more by her constant reminder that there is always light that shines in the darkness. It doesn’t matter how dark the night is, the moon will consistantly be there to reflect her glorious light and energy […]


A Space Of Gratitude

As I watch the Fall grand finale at my home, I am completely immersed in gratitude…gratitude in all that I have, all that I see, all that I experience, all people, and my interconnectedness with the earth and all things. To hold gratitude is to create an elevated vibration within you and all around you. When […]