Messages In The Trees…

Today, I’m reflecting on some of the most incredible beauty and wisdom that often gets taken for granted…Trees!

Trees hold magic and wisdom for us all…not just in the obvious beauty of their foliage and their rootedness in the ground reminding us of their enduring strength, but also within their quiet messages and spiritual connection.

They urge us to dance and give in to joy through each season, each sun ray, and storm. They remind us to bend but not break…to let the breeze flow through our existence while still holding strong and honoring protective boundaries.

As above so below…The tree calls the earth its home but knows its connection with the stars and the Universe. The tree honors its interconnectedness to all things and its grand importance within that connection.

This magical 200 year old Oak tree sits upon a large hill on my mothers beautiful Hocking Hills property and has shared her wisdom with me many times!This mirrored image reveals her fractal secrets, messages, and guidance.

Pause, observe, and connect…you’ll see…