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Welcome to Om2Ohm Meditation and Wellness Center!

Welcome to Om2Ohm Meditation & Wellness center! Serenity and peace are only a visit away.

This beautiful 4500 sq ft healing place is here to be your sanctuary when you need it, to be your happy place for relaxation and soul pampering, and your place for deep healing and transformation. In a world where we live in fight or flight mode, Om2Ohm has been created to provide rejuvenating, relaxing, and nurturing services that yield incredible healing results.

Om2Ohm was created to offer you Peace Management and Soul Connection…

Your time spent at Om2Ohm will put you on the right path toward more peace and clarity. Our mission is to make your experiences here and your wellness journey with us to be uplifting and transformational!

Peace Management versus Stress Management…

We are here to help you manage the peace you are capable of instead of the stress you didn’t want in the first place! As a society, we have been conditioned to believe that we need to have stress management, but what that really says is that we are keeping stress around but just doing something different with it. Om2Ohm is here to shift that perspective, and introduce ways to dilute and deflect stress so that you can operate more in peace. Doesn’t that sound like a much better thing to manage?

The environment is just as important as the services…

Om2Ohm is a one-of-a-kind environment where every session, class, and retreat is heightened and enhanced by the deeply restful energy you will feel here. From our front entrance and throughout each and every healing space you will be wrapped in a kind of peace that you’ve never experienced before.

Om2Ohm offers unique services in our healing and meditation rooms such as one to one Meditation Instruction, Reiki Energy Healing, Color, Light, and Brain Entrainment sessions, Mindfulness Coaching, and Intuitive Guidance. We also offer classes, workshops, and day retreats incorporating those same modalities to help you heal, relax, and create a new empowered YOU.

Isn’t it time to find your way OM?