Home Blessing & Clearing

Energy Clearing and Lifting for your home:

Bring OM to your home! Your energy belongs to you and you are allowed to be there!

My home and space energy clearing sessions are done remotely! 

Do you ever sense that something isn’t quite right with your home energetically? You may find yourself moving furniture and pictures around a lot, or redecorating, but are still unable to get your space to feel right? Why? Sometimes people have left their previous dwelling (now your home!) leaving behind energy imprints that can involve pain, suffering, anxiety, regret and other negative emotions. Perhaps your home has witnessed some turmoil in your own life such as a divorce, a bad argument, or illness. Whatever the reason, clearing these and other ‘stuck’ energies can dramatically raise the vibration of the home and relieve you from the distress of past trauma and stuck energy too!

Remember though, the energy that needs shifting isn’t always bad, it’s just NOT YOURS! Maybe your home just needs an energetic “shift & lift”!

Are you moving into a new home or place of business and would love to have your space blessed and the vibration raised as high as possible? This is a FANTASTIC reason to use my services as well!

I personally do all of the clearings and blessings. Along with being a clairvoyant medium and Master Energy worker, I was also an award winning interior designer for 23 years. One of my claims to fame was being able to “feel and read” the energy of any given space. I was often called “The psychic designer” because I  would always have a deep intuitive knowing of what the space and its inhabitants needed! That being said, I also provide my clairvoyant reading of your home and its energy including the land!

A clearing is the act of making a space more livable by removing and clearing any negative or “stuck” energy within it.

When you clear your home, you are clearing your life! Provide yourself, your environment, your life and your work with the highest level of positive energy possible.

This service will:

  • Clear all unwanted, negative, or stuck energies from your living space
  • Cleanse the energy ~ We call this “Shift and lift”!
  • Raise the vibration of your space to its highest level!
  • Affirm/reaffirm your intent and purpose for the area you’ve created
  • Bless the space and persons occupying the space
  • Include a reading of the homes energy and any guidance that may apply.

Your surroundings will be energetically aligned, the energy cleared and lifted to highest vibration for you!

Some signs that may indicate a need to clear space:

What makes the energy in a living space uncomfortable? It is usually an accumulation of stagnant energies. These negative energies can accumulate in a number of ways because we are constantly creating energies around us with our thoughts, intentions, emotions, words, etc. There are many situations that might call for an energetic house clearing for your home now and then…Certain areas feel “heavy” or uneasy

  • Certain (or all) areas may feel “heavy” or uneasy.
  • Feelings of mental confusion or tiredness when in the space
  • You feel physically ill in the space
  • Items being moved or falling out of place (and not by you!)
  • History of the home or dwelling includes turmoil, death, or negative occurrences.
  • Increased levels of irritability when you are in the space but you feel fine when you leave.
  • A ‘feeling’ that something isn’t right with your home. You may be moving furniture around or redecorating, but are still unable to get the home to feel right.
  • You’ve just had a big home transition or upheaval (just purchased home, divorce, death, construction, illness, etc)

New home: As a new home owner you may desire to remove all the energies of the previous owners. Sometimes people have left their previous dwelling (your new home!) for reasons that involve pain, suffering, regret and other negative emotions. Sometimes the energy of someone passed on remains. Clearing this can relieve you from the distress of other lives.

Transitions:  Sometimes your home has witnessed the turmoil in your own life such as a divorce/break up, a particularly grievous argument, or a death. Following such events is a good time to do a space/house clearing, Very often the energy of people who have negatively affected the space is ‘stuck’ in the home and has no way to ‘get out.’

Other reasons to consider an energy clearing:

  • Enhance your home and your office by creating a sacred space, bringing Spirit more directly into where you live and work
  • Start off in your new home with the cleanest and most sound energy you can have, providing for a warm “homey” feeling
  • Refresh the energy of your house before bringing an innocent and sensitive new baby home!
  • Having trouble selling your home or looking to raise the value? House clearings can improve people’s reactions to your space dramatically!
  • Refresh your house before bringing an innocent and sensitive new baby home
  • People see an immediate difference after a house clearing and often experience an improvement in relationships, finances, and health issues!
  • Getting rid of that “something is not quite right” feeling at home then opens up the home for everything to be and feel right! 

Home should be your haven… 

It is also where we can discharge some of our most negative emotions. And what about all the other people around us who are also “contributing” their energy? Consider all of the energies that enter your home everyday from electric cables and ley lines, mobile and cellular phones, microwaves, computers, lighting systems, chemicals in food, clutter around the house, etc. Knowing that our actions and habits as well as our thoughts, emotions, intentions and words can affect our environment energetically is one of the first steps towards taking responsibility for what we are creating around us.


Can it be used in other places such as my work? Absolutely! This valuable process can be done in any space you spend time in.

Do you deal with more serious issues? Yes, I can clear most all heavy, negative, and stagnant energy from your house, the land, and from YOU.

You deserve to have a home that is cleansed, clear, and filled with high vibes and light. Don’t wait to fix or prevent issues!

So what is the cost?  My remote clearings are very powerful and very  thorough! I DO have testimonials for my remote work upon your request. My fee for house/space clearing and blessings is $145 and I allow 90 minutes for all that I include.

What all is included in each house clearing and blessing?

  • Not only will every area of your home be cleansed and cleared but so will the land your home is on!
  • I go through each area including closets, bathrooms, and basements with smudge, sound healing bowls, my sacred rattle to break up energy as needed.
  • I recite aloud a special blessing for each area
  • As a clairvoyant and medium, just as I provide channeled guidance for people, I do the same for spaces and places! Basically, your space/home tells me what it needs and if any issues are present that need addressed. I will also let you know what I felt overall and in specific areas if I am guided to. This IS a part of your session!

When you clear and lift the energy and vibration of your home and other spaces that you dwell in, you are doing the very same for yourself personally! Provide yourself, your environment, and your life with the highest level of positive energy possible!

Are YOU ready to feel the amazing difference? Bring it on OM!

Please email me at sheri@om2ohm.com or text/call me for more details or to schedule with me at (614)787-0583.