There Is Beauty In The Deep…

I know this is a long message, sooooo… have a seat!

There is so much beauty in the deep…the deepest parts of you.

Within you, entwined with the matrix of your energetic being and swimming throughout every cell and every atom of what makes you, lies truth. It is raw, it is naked and, it is beautiful.

You may be someone who thinks they feel too much. Maybe you are easily consumed by moments of joy and celebration, but when alone you tend to be overtaken by emotions that dominate you and spin you out of control then leaving you feeling breathless and lost.

Instead of feeling badly because you have difficulty managing or articulating your feelings without getting lost in them, try something different…take a dive into YOU and allow yourself to feel them ALL. Feel them with love and gratitude. What will happen? These feelings will soften, the edges will become round and YOU will come full circle with new perspective instead of falling over the edge of your ego self.

WE often take for granted that we feel our feelings and know how we feel. We even believe we know how others are feeling but yet, we can’t accept that how we actually feel in any given moment is often actually extremely complex, confusing, and difficult to communicate.
We are usually in an avoidance reaction to our feelings rather than truly FEELING them.

Feeling our feelings means allowing ourselves to experience emotions that are truly difficult: pain, fear, despair, or vulnerability. So we cling to our assumptions about our feelings, we make up new ones and call them our own, we hide them, we numb them and become further buried still.

We can spend our whole life cycling on this level of feeling…being numb to our truth and to what our soul is really trying to say! Never letting ourselves be conscious of what is driving our emotional states underneath.

Just as matter cannot be created or destroyed, the energy carried by these deeper feelings do not leave our psyche simply because we want to deny they are there.

They become the fuel for a vast number of negative behaviors that we are often trying to fix—totally numbing out, projecting our feelings onto others, blaming others for our feelings, or engaging in compulsive and self-destructive behaviors.

Think about this…keeping your deepest pains at bay, you will also lose access to the sweetest and most joyful aspects of your heart.
It is what you honestly feel that stirs you. What you love and what causes you pain that makes you who you are!

Welcome this embrace and feel the arms of your truth hold you and tell you “It’s going to be ok. You are perfect in all that you are now and in every moment to come.”

Every human is connected to an eternal, infinite source, and it is our deepest feelings, deepest self love, and self acceptance that connect us to this source. Through seeking the deepest parts of our hearts, we can look into the eyes of our heart and soul without shame or fear. We can learn what it means to manifest our true selves into this world.

I invite you to be open, to be vulnerable, to be humble, and allow.

I love you!