You are supported in these times of worry…

Dear Om2Ohm Family,

One of the biggest themes for me over the past month has been around TRUST and FAITH.

Like so many around me, I went into the dark of the unknown the last few days processing the COVID-19 outbreak and all that’s coming along with it. I went down the rabbit holes into the hype, the fear and conspiracy theories. The only thing that I found there was myself getting angrier at the feeling of being manipulated and controlled by outside circumstances. What I found there within those rabbit holes was much heavier energy that was beyond my control and clearly did NOT belong to me. I’ll tell you this, I DID NOT like it, not one little bit.

So many conflicting stories. So easy to get caught line and sinker. So easy to swirl and spiral into the abyss of chaos and self doubt.

What else did I find  as I traveled the unknown and allowed myself to feel exactly what I needed to feel? I heard this message… “Have Faith in the Process”. 

No matter how powerful we are, how much courage and strength we have, there are times where we may feel quite paralyzed.. like, now. At such times we need some divine intervention.

When we feel that we are at the edge of our own limits we are left with only one spiritual power, the spiritual power of faith. We must remember always that FAITH is more than enough to get us through any situation!

As unlikely as it may seem, the invisible help from the Universe/God/Source is often more powerful than the physical efforts of a thousand people. That is because this invisible help is not limited by physical laws. It can shift, bend and move in ways that defy limitation. It can affect, evoke and influence situations through invisible, but undeniably persuasive means.

We are in a situation now where we can’t “set right” the course of events all by ourselves. This is not an indication that we’ve done something wrong, nor does this suggest that we aren’t strong enough. It is a sign that there is something bigger unfolding in our lives and our willpower will be supplemented by the power of life itself.

Sometimes a bigger plan needs to manifest for the benefit of humanity and the earth.

We are being strongly urged to shift our perspective to realize that we are a part of the greater unfoldment of life, that we serve the greater plan and that we are not separate from its genius.

This is what is happening NOW. We happen to be instrumental to the greater plan and as such, we need to accept our position and be moved, while also being empowered and protected as we make personal progress through our role in that grander scheme.

This is a time of humility and trust. We must have complete faith in the processes and events that are happening so that the new beginnings can fully birth!

With this Faith and Trust it also means that we have control over these things:

  •  Our attitude
  • Our thoughts
  • What we put into our body
  • What we listen to and believe 
  • Who we surround ourselves with
  • How we spend our time

These realizations are so deep. And they feel so real. If we let it, we can feel ourselves going numb, wanting to check out, wanting to hide. We can feel the overwhelm rising up. We can feel ourselves wanting to isolate, push everyone away.

And so today, in meditation, I allowed myself to feel it ALL. I felt the tears. I felt the overwhelm. I felt the pain and sorrow of the world BUT… I also felt the hands of the Universe as they pulled me up and out of that downward spiral projected upon me by everything OUTSIDE of myself.

Ok, and yes, I also felt those same hands shaking me and saying “get yourself together woman! You are needed now more than ever! We’ve got you!

And the words felt like they just kept crashing into me …

  • Get comfortable being uncomfortable.
  • Freedom lies in the growth zone.
  • Get vulnerable and ask for support.
  • Expand your capacity to hold more.
  • This feels more relevant now than ever, given the dire circumstances.
  • This is a massive initiation, forcing us out of our comfort zone.
  • It’s a wake up call, asking us to get clear on what really matters.
  • Initiations and Wake Up calls suck. They can be brutally uncomfortable if not downright devastating.

But the loss of something is creating space for what wants to come through. Death is just part of the life cycle. What’s next is rebirth.

That is what’s happening here.

The struggle will be in the resistance, the need to control the outcome. How quickly can you pivot, and shift your mindset and attitude to choose the growth zone, no longer clinging to the comfort zone?

  • Community is essential.
  • Sharing in our sacred circles of is essential.
  • Opening up is essential.
  • Being honest about what you’re feeling is essential.
  • This is indeed the time to choose what’s essential.
  • This is the time to hold the light for each other worldwide.
  • This is how we reclaim our power, our collective power in the midst of social anxiety and angst.


In all that I do at Om2Ohm, it is always done through the highest vibrations of love, inspiration, and Light. I personally can not allow fear to keep me from sharing those things with all of you!

In regards to all of my offerings and gatherings, I have given a lot of thought to how to best move forward during this time of concern and caution.

  • Until April 10th, I am postponing group gatherings no matter how small the group. I feel I need to do my part to keep others as well as myself.
  • For my one-to-one private in-person sessions, I am now going from my typical 4-5 sessions per day, 6 days per week to just ONE session per day Monday through Saturday.

Please note that All sessions will be done as DISTANCE SESSIONS until further notice due to the COVID19 social distancing in effect! These sessions are incredibly powerful and I treat them EXACTLY as if you are here with me in person! I am offering my distance sessions including clairvoyant guidance right now through May 1st for $75 per hour versus my regular fee of $95-125!

I am sending love, light, and prayers to all of you and radiating out healing, patience, and clarity to our world and everyone in it! As a business owner, mother and wellness professional, I understand from many angles the stress, anxiety and fear that can arise in times like this for individuals and families. It is my hope that we can all continue to do the things we know are vital to our wellness – physically, mentally, and energetically.

If there are any questions or concerns, you may email me at or text me at