Why the Name Om2Ohm?

I am often asked “How did you come up with the name Om2Ohm and what does it mean?” Today, I’m being pulled to share that here… It almost feels like a renewing of a vow for me!
The first part of that answer is that I was gifted the name through a dream even before I knew what it meant or how I was to use it! The rest, the combined meanings of Om2Ohm, was due to my quest to make sense of and put into action all that I was being asked to do!
The Om sound is the primordial sound and is one of the most important spiritual sounds. Om is more than a sound, it is the vibration of the Universe! It is the frequency of energy that connects and joins all things together. It is not a short and sharp sound. It lingers and flows like energy itself. Ommmmmmmmmmmm…

When opening up to the vibration of Om, we can feel ourselves grounded not just into the earth, but into the cosmos that surround us!

The acoustic ohm is a unit of measurement of acoustic impedance, which is the ratio of acoustic pressure to acoustic volume flow. This is where my love and use of Sound Healing comes in even further!
The acoustic ohm can also be applied to fluid flow outside the domain of acoustics…Ohm also translates as electrical resistance
resistor is a passive two-terminal electrical component that implements electrical resistance as a circuit element. In electronic circuits, resistors are used to reduce current flow, adjust signal levels, to divide voltages, and so on. It’s all about POWER DISTRIBUTION!
For the purposes of Om2Ohm:
The 2nd part of my business name, Ohm, refers to my being an energy worker and all that I do and teach at Om2Ohm to help facilitate flow and balance. It is the flow and distribution of energy in how I’ve created my peaceful environments. The term “Ohm” refers to my helping others to be empowered as they learn to diffuse their own energy and “overflow” of what no longer serves them.
Om2Ohm  encompasses all that is Peace, Flow, Balance, and the highest vibration of all… LOVE!