Honoring Your Growth and Rebirth…

For whoever needs this today…
Pay close attention to the new growth you are experiencing right now and hold it up in the light! You are releasing significant old parts of yourself to make room for the new!
As you release, DO NOT FORGET your old experiences YOU GREW FROM THEM… This is how you arrived where you are now! Honoring those things is a part of your healing and also an integral part of your stepping into your rebirth!
In every new process, and every birth… every opening of a new cycle of life, there is a time of vulnerability. This vulnerability is natural and perfect. It is learning how to walk again on new legs. Those legs will become extremely powerful in time, but this process of growth and maturity has to take place! It requires some wobbly first attempts and a bit of stumbling and falling sometimes but it simply cannot be any other way!
Within you, perhaps even below the level of your conscious awareness, there is a fresh new life emerging like a vibrant green shoot rising up from the earth or a new branch being born on a wise old tree! This new life is in need of your attention, your care and unconditional love.
This birth or rebirth could be a new relationship that needs tending with interest and kindness. It could be a new idea that you need to nurture into fullness, because it’s going to hold special purpose for your life path. It might be something within you or a new behavior. It could be a new way of looking at yourself or a new way of being in the world!
This new growth and new emergence requires your deepest and most intense compassion, loving kindness, and courage so that it can become more natural for you to embody as you continue to walk your path!