Emerge like the Lotus!

As this month goes along, if you feel like your light is being dimmed and you can’t see or SMACK the hands that are doing it, stay strong anyway!

There is HUGE energy all around us right now so keep pushing up through the muck, skimming the scum off of the surface, and emerge into the light blooming fully like the lotus as you go!

You may see, hear, and know things you don’t want to know about but resist the urge to ignore what is happening. Keeping your head in the higher frequency energy you feel more comfortable in but also keep grounded so as not to drift without purpose! Choose to be a beacon of light and to shine brightly. Choose to be a container for high-frequency energy…always holding it but also allowing it to channel through you to stay sane and empowered yourself as you hold space for those around you.

Remember that painful things come into your awareness so that you can set your intentions for bigger energy and more light in your life. Don’t let what happens this month change your beliefs about yourself, your own ascension or the greater ascension of those around you. You haven’t done anything wrong or lost the battle because everything starts crawling out of the woodwork!

The more darkness and negativity that may be revealed is a sign of the vast amount of light that is now flooding through! Things must be taken apart before they can be put together. Remember, NO MUD, NO LOTUS! I love you all! xoxo Sheri