Your True Name…

Just a reminder…

Your name isn’t “I’m broken”.
Your name isn’t “I’m lost”.
Your name isn’t “I’m bipolar or ADHD”
Your name and your soul do not have a gender nor do they depend on it.
Your identity isn’t “I’m co-dependent”, “A hot mess”, rich, poor, queer, straight, recovering addict or any other label.

You’re not a fucking can of soup with a list of ingredients to be read, “mispronounced”, or even ignored.

You’re a beautiful human person with INFINITE energy that can never be destroyed.

Your name IS the reflection of the soul you chose!

Your NAME is a shiny flash of what you represent and you are perfect in your imperfection.

Live THAT and dance proudly with it as if EVERYONE is watching!


~Sheri/ Om2Ohm
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