Understanding Distance Reiki Sessions

By definition, Reiki refers to a mysterious atmosphere, a miraculous sign. Reiki arises from the Japanese word rei (universal) combined with ki (life). Reiki is an energy healing technique. Within the Reiki system, Distance Reiki is a powerful technique that allows you to send and receive Reiki beyond the constraints of space and time.

This technique allows practitioners to transmit spiritual energy beyond physical contact.

One of the core concepts of Reiki healing is that we transcend our physical bodies.

In addition to our physical bodies, we have an energy body made up of the aura (energy fields), the chakras (energy centres) and the meridians (energy pathways).

Just like our physical body that ingests food for nourishment and energy, our energy body does the same.

The energy fields allow the body to take in energy, the chakras break it down, and the meridians carry the energy throughout the body.

A distance Reiki session can help us connect spiritually and energetically!

Distance Reiki sessions performed over distance are effective since energy does not have a distance or spacial limit!

When I first learned of distance Reiki I was skeptical to say the least! I would think to myself  “now, what kind of crazy hocus pocus could this possibly be and what kind of scam am I being fed?” At that time, many moons ago, I could barely wrap my daydreaming head around Reiki PERIOD, let alone a practice that claimed to work when the practitioner isn’t even in the same room with you! Fast forward 16 years and now Reiki in all forms is my life and passion, especially remote sessions all over the world!

Reflecting back to my first distance Reiki session with my Master Teacher, I remember very well that my skepticism didn’t stand a chance! I could feel the energy moving in myself. I could feel it in my hands and felt it gently and brightly followthrough my entire body with my awareness. I could feel my heart lighten and intense warmth in my belly radiating around my back…soothing and tingly. How could this possibly be? I didn’t tell my teacher anything in advance! This area, my solar and sacral chakra areas, are what need healing most! The release was amazing!

It all suddenly made sense…

Quantum science and I have had a very loving and ethereal relationship since I was a kid and I was always fascinated even if I didn’t thoroughly understand it all. In the context of Reiki, or channeling and moving energy—that’s EXACTLY how distance Reiki works!

Distance Reiki and how it works

Energy moves via the rules and laws of the Universe that we fully don’t understand yet. It moves on a quantum level. So much of this quantum-ness is so over our heads but yet the basics really are’t!

Energy can not be created or destroyed.

It is not bound by time or space.

It knows no geographic location.

It can be in more than one place at once.


We know this and these facts tell us how energy can move across distances. Knowing that should tell us that no matter what, Reiki WILL move, it WILL go where it needs to go, and it WILL work!

There are only two things that will keep Reiki from working whether in person or distance…

Belief in the process and the practitioner

This is essential to the Reiki process. If you do not believe Reiki will work then it won’t! The energy your mind produces with those thoughts builds an energetic wall that will prevent you from feeling the full impact of a distance Reiki session.

It’s not just the belief in the process that is essential. Belief in the practitioner is also essential. Finding a practitioner you are drawn to is best. If you believe in them as a person and a practitioner, Reiki will work. If you don’t believe in them fully, then Reiki with them may not work.

The practitioner must also believe in themselves for Reiki to work. A well trained Reiki Master will know their craft and their limits.

Lack of openness

Both the practitioner and the person receiving Reiki have to be open to allow access to their energy fields. The practitioner must allow energy to travel through them to the recipient and the recipient must be open enough to allow the Reiki Master to get into their energy field. If either of the two of them aren’t open enough, it could impede how much energy is channeled or sent.
Many people believe they have an openness and can open up to it but they may not be able to. Typically, it is denial that is getting in the way here. If someone is in denial about needing healing or guidance or isn’t willing to get to the core of things, they won’t be able to open up enough.
Awareness here is key. Awareness equals openness when it comes to the energy field!

You DON’T need to know what you need most but you DO need to be open to receive it in whatever form it is ready to come to you!

When distance Reiki doesn’t work…

Not believing or being open to the practice of distance Reiki and/or not feeling confident in the practitioner can absolutely stop energy from flowing in the way it needs to in order to heal someone! Not many things are able to stop energy, but lack of intention and openness can! Energy follows intention, so if the recipient doesn’t intend to be healed to their greatest and highest good, Reiki will not work appropriately!

But THE most important thing is connection to the practitioner! If you have that or are open to cultivating that, distance Reiki will heal and empower you quickly and powerfully!

I hope that this post has been helpful for you if you are new to distance Reiki!

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