The Sacred Dance Of Grief…

A message today for those feeling immersed in grief.

Grief is a very sacred, tender, and intimate dance…always in motion, this dance sometimes glides with beauty and grace but most often it is haphazardly choreographed with unexpected dips, spins, and turns.

This can leave us feeling lost and out of control, but know that you are ALWAYS embraced, loved, and supported…

We can choose to surrender to this sorrow…this grief. Whether it is a loss of life that we mourn, a relationship, an opportunity, or sharing the tears of others.

There can be great celebration and new found gratitude that we may not have experienced had we not been thrown into the dance that loss created.

Grief comes to us all. We all lose the people and the things we love. In this painful process, we are neither better nor worse than anyone else. We feel the vulnerability of our own essential humanness—our need for comfort and our terror of being alone—and recognize in others a shared humanity.

We need to remember that grieving takes many forms, and it is OK if it does not follow a set pattern.

Know that pushing away the emotional reality of grief only creates an even more complex dance of emotions, denial, and a deep pool of stagnant unmoving energy.

If you are experiencing grief today, you are invited to be with it…dance the dance…experience the sorrow in your own way…

And then rejoice in your new beginnings…with loss always comes a chance to rebuild…to grow your life in a new way fertilized with love and memories, and with the gratitude for all that you have now.

NOTHING and NO ONE are ever truly lost.

You are so loved!

~ Sheri