When Psychic Guidance isn’t What you Expected…

Have you ever gone to see a psychic for counsel and guidance and felt like your questions were left unanswered or it stirred up feelings or questions that you didn’t expect? If this is something you or someone you know has experienced before, there are very good reasons that you may not have realized!
An honest and ethical psychic will pass on the messages and information they have for you through a vision, hearing, feeling, knowing, or a combination of all those senses and gifts as he or she receives it. Sometimes your advisor may need to interpret the information in a way that you can best understand. Other times, the message can’t be interpreted as you will comprehend the meaning through a future experience.
Your psychic is channeling information from a higher realm through angels, spirit guides, and ancestors, which is what you NEED to hear, not always what you WANT to hear or HOW you expected to hear it! There are multiple outcomes and possibilities that can play out for EVERYONE because we do not live a linear existence! Some of those outcomes and possibilities just hold stronger energy at the time of your reading so the guidance you receive will be based on that.
AS you can imagine, I have experienced just about every type of client and scenario over the past 15 years. They are ALL always a beautiful learning experience!
One client was obviously worried about finances when she asked if a man she was seeing or a family member of hers would give her money . My guides ignored the question, instead they passed on information about the steps she needed to take to improve her life. She kept asking the same question over and over, while my guides kept giving her the same messages in different ways!
Another time, a client sent me a very lengthy list of questions and what she required specifically. I let her know that although I will take her questions into account, her guides will always answer or share guidance in the ways that are most needed…IT IS ALL CONNECTED! Although she said that she totally understood, she voiced her disappointment that I did not follow her list or answer her questions the way she wanted. (insert red flag here!) I kindly referred her to another psychic that may be a better fit. So interesting that she did end up consulting another psychic and ended up calling me 2 weeks later to apologize because the other advisor had given her the same guidance that I did but in different wording! She admitted that after hearing the same guidance by 2 different people, it all clicked her for her! The Universe always knows what it is doing!
Think of it this way… Just like when seeing a doctor, you may feel you need a second opinion just to be sure you’ve received as much needed information as possible. With psychic readings and counsel, you may also feel you need more information from another psychic. Absolutely DO that if you are moved to BUT PLEASE be careful of PSYCHIC HOPPING to hear the answer you WANT to hear. Instead, reflect on the messages you received, allow time to reveal more facts in your life, and ALLOW YOURSELF to take any positive action steps. THEN, if you still feel you need more clarification from someone else, that guidance will be much more clear and confirming for you because you took the time to PROCESS and REFLECT!
Another message a psychic may hear for her client is “silence,” which could aggravate the client. Please know that your advisor is being ethical when they are telling you that they’re not receiving an answer. Why? Simply because you’re not supposed to know the answer and neither is your advisor! When this happens, it is most important that the advisor be HONEST and ETHICAL and NOT just make things up to please the client in hopes of more sessions! As psychics/mediums/intuitives, it is always better to let that client go knowing and trusting that the guidance we gave was EXACTLY what we were supposed to give at that time regardless of the outcome!
So….. it may SEEM like the question isn’t being answered at times, but in the deepest truth, the combined energy and vibration of your questions is directly linked to the messages you do in fact receive! They are all ripples in the same water…no matter how small the ripple, it still greatly affects those around it! Sometimes your psychic advisor is being guided to share with you the ways you can “fix” or influence one of those ripples so that it ultimately smoothes out the “entire body of water” thus helping you to be empowered and to manifest EXACTLY what you want! The key here is to remember that YOU always hold the power to what you need and want NOT your advisor!
I hope this helps whoever needed this guidance/information!