When We Are The bridge And Not The Destination

I had a dream of a beautiful bridge where I was standing at one end helping people across but I remained in place on that bridge without leaving it. It reminded me that sometimes I feel disappointed when connections I have made never developed into deeper friendships or relationships that I had hoped they would. Then it hit me and made perfect sense…Sometimes as a connection, a friend, or even a stranger to others I am meant to be the bridge and not the destination.

Maybe this resonates with you and your life’s journey too? So often our personal expectations get in the way when we make new connections and when relationships with friends or colleagues change or fall away. We tend to create our own suffering with our own expectations and by forcing our will on situations and relationships instead of making more room for divine flow.

We are all interconnected and all things share in the weaving of this grand quilt we call life. All of the threads depend on one another whether they are a part of each other to hold this blanket together or a part of it’s fancy decorative adornments and finishing touches!

Reflecting on this, take a moment to allow yourself to be thankful that you helped others find each other or the experience they needed at the exact time in their lives they needed without feeling loss that it wasn’t more or exactly what was expected for you personally.

Be reminded not only to strive to be a bridge for others to be able to cross to communicate across differences and discover something or someone they needed, but to also pay attention to the bridges that can present themselves in your own life which can help you to grow, if you choose to cross them.