I See The Moon In Your Eyes…

I have always been madly in love with the moon. I’m intoxicated by her beauty and power but even more by her constant reminder that there is always light that shines in the darkness. It doesn’t matter how dark the night is, the moon will consistantly be there to reflect her glorious light and energy upon us. This will always happen (at least for a very long time to come) even if it is too cloudy where we are to see it. We can learn from this…and choose to always see the light and be the light for ourselves and others even when our life experiences become very dark and difficult at times.

This pondering also reminds me that the moon does not shine alone…she shines with the help of the sun. The sun shines on the Moon’s rocky surface and she reflects that loving light outward for all of us to enjoy. The moon and the sun are forever connected and energetically intertwined. The Moon’s influence on the Earth can’t be overlooked either! The Ocean tides are the most obvious but the Moon also raises tides in the solid body of the Earth and those two things alone then affect everything else! All things are interconnected and so are we! Just like the energy of the moon’s affect on the earth, its oceans and us, we share each others energy. We are made of energy, we are energy so we affect one another whether we realize it or not.

For today, and perhaps every day, choose to be the light for someone and for yourself even if it seems dark and “hard to see”. For today, choose a positive higher vibration and watch how many things around you are affected.