Now is the time…

NOW is the time to unfold and come undone.

I know this concept may sound incredibly frightening at this time but it isn’t meant to be! “Unfolding” ourselves and coming undone simply means opening ourselves in new ways and undoing all of the old programming within us that might be keeping our hearts closed and afraid of the miraculous possibilities we are capable of!

NOW is the time to talk with each other about deep things without fear that our hearts and authenticity will be rejected.

NOW is the time to release superficial relationships and those that only “come around for the fruit but never water the tree”.

NOW is the time to love each other harder than we ever thought possible and in as many ways as we can.

NOW is the time to trade in our blindness and see what is TRULY important right in front of us.

NOW is the time to look fondly on our past mistakes and see them for the lessons and blessings that they truly were so that we can move forward in strength and courage.

NOW is the time to love, honor, and cherish our Mother Earth. She has called us back to our roots to sit with her, listen to her wisdom, and apply the lessons she is teaching us!

NOW is the time to change EVERYTHING… RECALIBRATE, and REACTIVATE the light within us. THIS is the opportunity we are being given.

NOW is the time to do every little thing that is GOOD for you. Listen and ACT upon your deepest guts because you know what those things are!

NOW is the time to throw your love into the world, not just for the sake of existence and expression, but to make the energetic Universal threads that bind us all together beautiful, healing, and stronger than they’ve ever been!

We have this chance, as humans, to CREATE the life we want and not just REACT to the life that has been given to us.

NOW is the time to unfold and come undone so that we can rebirth, re-weave the threads that bind us, and re-emerge brand new!