Solar Eclipse Channeled Message!

This total Solar Eclipse was and IS a chance for all of us to awaken and embrace our unity, and connectedness to all things and ALL people, our responsibilities to each other, to Mother Earth and to the future.

But first we have to be at one with ourselves…

This eclipse occurs on one of the four ancient ‘royal’ stars – called Regulus. It is the star at the heart of the constellation of Leo. So while it still represents a more masculine energy, the underlying energy is the Goddess love!

Eclipses signify shifts, completions, endings, and releasing along with new beginnings, new directions and amazing new openings!

This is a time to bring our true gifts and visions into the world.

Leo also rules the Heart! This eclipse opens the heart of the lion. My hope is that our collective energy will focus on being peacemakers of Love and Light, releasing the heavier shadow energy of arrogance, self-importance, and fear.

At the solar eclipse, our ego light (Sun) withdraws so that we can be more present within ourselves and more connected to all that is.

From 1:11pm until 2:15 today, I immersed myself in deep meditation and allowed myself to be the conduit for messages and guidance to come through from any enlightened ones that chose to be present!  At exactly 2:45 today, as I embraced the energy of this epic eclipse, I allowed myself to channel those messages and to record them as I spoke. It is a beautiful message filled with light and I hope you will enjoy this gift!

Sending love to you all!