Does Reiki Lineage matter?

Although it is rare that my clients and students ask me about my Reiki lineage, I still think that it’s important to address! After all, we Reiki practitioners and teachers have studied and practiced so very hard and we’ve spent A LOT of money and time becoming the professionals that we are!

What is a Reiki lineage?

A Reiki lineage is the line of teaching that your teacher has been trained in, similar to a family tree.

Why is the Reiki lineage important?

Once you take a Reiki Class and a Reiki Master takes you through a series of four initiations called the Reiki Attunement, you are able to tap into the always-flowing energy of the Universe, called Reiki.
From that moment, every time you tap into Reiki you connect with something bigger! A network of Reiki Masters who have a special spiritual bond between them and with the three Original Grandmasters of Reiki: Mikau Usui, Chujiro Hayashi and Hawayo Takata.

Since Mikau Usui discovered Reiki in the early 1900s and then when it was brought to the West in 1938 by Hawayo Takata, Reiki has been practiced by millions of people across the globe and they are ALL connected. The teachings of Usui Reiki have been passed down from teacher to student from its beginning in the early 1900’s. Like the branches of a family tree, the Usui Reiki student becomes a part this lineage!

Remember though, most importantly, It’s all about LIVING Reiki and BEING Reiki, NOT just taking a class and receiving an attunement and a certificate! This also follows suit with ANY energy healing practice!

A true alignment with the universal energy means practicing Reiki and creating a Reiki lifestyle. Although the Reiki lineage is meaningful, it is time and practice, combined with living by the Reiki Principles that defines one’s true connection with Reiki!

I am so very honored and blessed to be a Reiki Grand Master Teacher, Master Practitioner, and to be a part of this amazing lineage and spiritual family tree and to be living my Reiki filled life on every single level!

“Mastership cannot be bought. It must be earned“
– John Harvey Gray, one of the 22 Masters that were initiated by Hawayo Takata.