Freeing Yourself of Opportunistic Relationships…

Opportunistic relationships really serve no one… I’ve learned this many times on many levels!
Opportunistic relationships don’t serve you because you end up being a slave to someone else’s agenda. In most cases, you don’t even realize that this is happening… Just trust your guts when things don’t feel right!
Opportunistic relationships don’t serve the opportunistic person either because they’re expecting others to TO DO THEIR WORK FOR THEM in one way or another.
There IS NO balance here!
This is a tough subject because we, as healers, teachers, and light workers, never want to believe that people close to us may not be authentic! We never want to believe that there are some people who stay close to us only because we represent a possible opportunity for them and not just because we’re awesome! Even as the best of teachers, friends, and healers, this dilemma can arise.
As we rise up in our own authenticity and power, we also raise our own “home frequency”… that frequency where we feel our best and also do our best healing work. This vibration and frequency are VERY ATTRACTIVE to others who long for that “knowing” and confidence but haven’t yet achieved it!
As teachers, healers, and almost always, deep empaths, we give our ALL and then some! We want so deeply to see and experience the best in others.
So when the relationship takes a turn and we’re left wondering “why????” In most cases, it has nothing to do with you! You are simply complete in what you could offer these people… they came to realize that they have to DO THEIR OWN WORK and you aren’t willing to offer the “coat tail ride” they had hoped for!
Their exit from your life may not be pleasant and they may even blame you for the hard shifts and realizations they end up enduring but…
STAY STRONG… this is a huge lesson for you AND for them! Sometimes we ARE NOT the destination for these people, but simply a stepping stone or bridge to their greatest purpose and highest vibration!
It is ok for us to feel hurt and disappointed when these experiences happen… they can trigger many old wounds. Know that this isn’t a punishment for anything you did wrong… it’s simply an invitation to release old stagnant patterns that you may be holding onto without realizing it!
Be free and be proud… you’ve done and offered all that you were meant to… you are complete at this time.
Whoever needed to hear this, I hope it helped you!