Meditation, Sound Healing & Messages from The Deep!

Join Master Meditation instructor, Sound Healer, and Master Reiki Teacher Sheri Rathburn for this beautiful group meditation, energy healing & Messages session!

Clear energetic build-up, enhance flow of life force energy, and allow realignment to purpose…

Guests will experience the combination of healing and clearing reiki touch with sound healing from the beautiful voices of the whale as well as crystal bowls.

Allow connection to the Whale and Dolphin healing consciousness which represents expansion, peace & encouragement…

The song of the whale is one of the most profound healing sounds of all. When the song is felt inside of you its vibration will resonate like a sonic filter for your consciousness, cleaning, clearing, and making space for expanded awareness. It attunes you to the song of the spheres, that which is divine.

It is also through sound that the whale–ancient being that it is–has become known as the Earth’s record keeper. It is believed that the song of the whales carries our planetary memories and tonal signature.

Mournful, high pitched, and deep, the whale song enters through your heart and spreads throughout your body. Learn how to tune to the whale song with this blissful meditation and Reiki experience.

Each guest will receive a personal channeled message after the meditation! 

As I hold space for the group during this beautiful meditation, I will also be channeling messages as I receive them through your activated connection with whale and dolphin energy! This message will be brief but most likely profound in some way for each you. These will be given in private.

“We dolphins and whales speak to you of our excitement and joy of your coming
We have called you through the ages
We messengers of light and grace.
No longer does humankind need fear
The cacophonies of mindspeak
We speak in laughter and pointed sound
We bring the wisdom of the deep ones to the surface
Bubbling in our wake
Dancing in your face.
Hear us with your unstructured self
The harmony within that knows all wave motion as itself.
We lead you on an exploration in conscious dimensional travel
You have this encoded in your brain
You have this encoded in your Soul Entity.
With your willingness, we can guide you on your own journey
Into layers and dimensions of beauty and peace most of your kind have yet to see
Follow us in the warm waters of the soul
Let yourself be healed of harmful resonations stored or brought within
Free yourself in the waves
Dance the dance of Life with us
Oh brothers and sisters of the land
Welcome to our ocean home
The blue-green waters reflect your peace within
Leave behind forever the cares of human intellect
Play within the Cosmic Heart
We offer as our gift to lead the way
Gently follow and merge with us in harmony
Gently follow
Gently, gently
Welcome home.” 

~ Beautifully channeled by Animal Communicator Penelope Smith

Class fee: $30



Saturday, January 12, 2019
1/9/19 1:30pm – 1/9/19 2:45pm