DNA Activation, Infinite Abundance & Messages!

Join me on this transformational guided journey experience to deep dive into your subconscious and reemerge activated and empowered! 

I have been guided to combine my 2 most powerful channeled guided visualizations into one session to provide a rapid shift in both consciousness and in personal vibration and frequency!

Every little thing holds a vibration, a mathematical signature which emits a tone or frequency of its own. These numbers interact throughout the universe, composing the music of the spheres (as Shakespeare called it). Numerology is a sacred art of the ancient peoples who understood that numbers had meaning!

Have you been feeling a deep and intense need to push through blockages and finally TAKE ACTION on what your heart and soul have been screaming for? This experience will definitely GET YOUR SHIFT TOGETHER!

This will be 2 hours of magic that will include:

  • Relaxing & transformational breathwork to cleanse and clear stuck energy/cut energetic cords
  • Soul Chakra opening for each guest through Reiki (specific hand placement on 3rd eye & base of the neck)
  • Sound healing with crystal and Tibetan bowls to open you energy to the highest of frequencies
  • Two beautiful Guided Visualization Journeys channeled by Sheri Rathburn
  • Sound healing in between each guided visualization to seal in the higher vibration you achieved with each.
  • At the end of this powerful and blissful experience, each guest will receive a channeled message from your guides privately before you leave! It will be short and to the point but typically these messages are quite profound!

The DNA Activation experience WILL clear blocks and barriers, and it WILL increase your innate abilities…that amazing encoded goodness within you! 

As a Master Healer, Light Worker,, and sound healing practitioner I have created a very special DNA Activation experience through the fusion of guided visualization using my voice and guided imagery, Theta Healing, Sound Healing through crystal and Tibetan bowls, and the heightened healing energy of Om2Ohm!

I have been using this DNA Activation process with phenomenal results for several years now both as group and individual sessions. For this group session I have combined the above with deep sound healing techniques and Reiki for a life changing and soul connecting experience! 

This Epigenetic Clearing WILL help to remove old patterns it will have a lasting benefit in your life if you attend and experience it with that intention! 

YOU create your life while you live it.

You WILL attract the Universal Guidance you need.

Your CURRENT dominant vibration is what is attracting everything to you right now and always…ths experience WILL catapault youinto a higher vibration!

What you put your dominant attention on now with a matching vibration, YOU WILL ATTRACT!

Are you ready to make that shift? 

You are not here by accident.

Something brought you here.

This is YOUR opportunity.

Take it.



The Infinite Abundance experience… Abundance is our natural spiritual state of being and its the perfect time to get back to that…

Tap INTO that…

BE the abundance.

The moment you align your mind with your body and your heart with your soul, you immediately start attracting prosperity of all kind into your life. Why? Because the universe we live in is constantly expanding, constantly growing, and so are we. And the more we honor our nature and the truth of who we are, the more we open ourselves to the prosperity that is present within us and all around us.

The Universe makes everything abundant, and is constantly creating new forms of abundance. Abundance is so natural that you have to take extraordinary measures to PREVENT its flow!

So WHY do you keep blocking your flow?

This channeled group session helps you connect to your higher self and the power of abundance.

  • Fill yourself with new possibilities and the positive mental and emotional energies to achieve your full potential in all areas of your life.
  • Clear your subconscious of limiting negative beliefs and empower your positive creative abilities to manifest the life you desire and deserve.
  • Overcome obstacles, see them as lessons and remove any self-sabotaging patterns which may hinder your progress toward abundance.

Group guided visualization and energy work sessions can open the door to abundance in its purest form for you!

This 90 minute group session is designed for all levels. No previous experience is required. If you’ve never experienced guided meditation and visualization before, this is a great way to get introduced to its amazing abilities to help improve your life!

  • Prepare to release blocked imprinted energy
  • Prepare to cleanse, clear through the breath and sound healing
  • Prepare to activate and align with your highest soul self through a deep, relaxing, and epically shifting guided visualization.
  • Receive channeled messages and guidance from your Guides, Master Teachers, and Angels!

These guided visualizations were channeled by Sheri Rathburn during the heightened energies of the Full Moon, recorded live, and then layered with healing music and sound frequencies. The highest of guides, Master Teachers, and angels spoke  through her, as the conscious channel and healing conduit, to deliver their messages and high frequency energy attunements

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