Guided Mindful Breathing & Sound Healing!


Find some much needed peace, dissolve the week’s worries, and raise your personal vibration to it’s highest level through guided meditation, mindful breathing, and sound healing…

  • This class is perfect for both seasoned meditators and those who are curious and have never meditated before or experiences Sound Healing!
  • It will allow you to relax your mind and return home energized and refreshed.
  • Sheri Certified, meditation Instructor/Reiki Master/Certified Sound Healer, will gently guide you through many breathing techniques that are guaranteed to let you experience peace and bliss!
  • This class combines many techniques to suite all types of people!
  • Sheri is also a Master Reiki Practitioner & Certified Sound Healer…she will give Reiki Energy healing and Sound Healing with crystal bowls to the group towards the end of the group session.

Join me even if you are a regular meditator! This class is wonderful for those that wish to refresh and enliven their practice and keep “the beginners mind”. 

Led by Certified Meditation Instructor/Reiki Master Teacher/Om2Ohm Owner Sheri Mollica-Rathburn 

$15 per person. Drop-ins are welcome but please be on time! 


Saturday, July 01, 2017
11:30am – 12:30pm