Soul Connection ~ Meet Your Spirit Guides!


Wouldn’t it be great if your guides and angels could just call you on the phone to help you?

If your guides could just call you directly and tell you what you coming in your future, or tell you to look out for a for opportunities or the people you need most in your life would be so amazing! For some people that’s quite nearly how it works. It just takes time and practice to be able to hear, see, or feel your guides. In this workshop, Sheri Rathburn, Inutitive Guide/Master Meditation Instructor/Reiki Master Teacher, will be teaching you how you can work on increasing your connection directly to change your life dramatically!

You are not alone in your life journey and you ARE being given signs and messages often! This workshop will answer all of your questions about your guides and teach you so many things you need to know to make contact!

Your Spirit Team was assigned to you before you entered into your physical body and is here to guide, comfort, protect and reassure your soul on it’s earthly journey. Everyone has a Spirit Team, and the more you invite their guidance in, the stronger the role they will play in your life!


  • Learn about your Guides, Totem Animals, repeating number sequences, synchronicities, and what they mean!
  • Learning what YOUR spirit language is…How YOU see and feel the guidance and messages your guides are sending you!
  • Experience Spirit Guided Meditations and be led on visualization journeys to contact your guides
  • Learn to raise your Spirit Frequency and Dream Awareness.
  • What Dreamwork is and how to start using it to get the guidance you need most!
  • Learn to increase your Higher Vibration (positive energy)Experience techniques to open your third eye
  • Experience how to receive messages from your guides on your own
  • Receive a very special attunement through Sheri to open your heart and your Universal connection!
  • Receive a message for the group channeled by Sheri!


For every human concern, for any earthly need, there is a spiritual being supporting us on our path. This workshop is empowering, conceived in love, and designed to help you create a very personal connection with your guides. All you need to know is contained within.

This workshop is a safe and nurturing path to the other spiritual realms, helping you discover what it is you need to know on your journey to happiness and belonging. You will discover how to communicate with your Angels, Spirit Guides, and Creator/Spirit/Source/The Universe and how to ask for, receive, and acknowledge them for their guidance.

Workshop fee $75

  • This workshop is registration only because it fills up so quickly! I typically charge $85 per hour for these teachings on an individual basis so don’t miss out on 3 hours of priceless guidance!
Saturday, August 12, 2017
1:30pm – 4:30pm