DNA Activation, Blue Star Healing & Messages!

Join me at Om2Ohm for a very special event to integrate the amazing energy of the Full Moon and the Sirian Star System!

“The sun, moon, and stars are your teachers.” – Yogi Bhajan

As Above, So Below!

The ancients long ago observed that we are impacted by the movement of the planets and stars. The earth, moon and sun is our cosmic trinity. The Sun represents the Soul — self-illuminated and radiant. The Moon represents the Mind — only able to reflect the light of the Soul and the Earth represents our finite existence.

During this deep and beautiful event guests will experience:

  • Universal Blue Star healing Attunement where Sheri will attune guests to the channeled energy of the Sirian Star System.
  • DNA Activation to release what doesn’t serve you and activate your highest vibration to manifest!
  • Private channeled message to each person in the group after the DNA Activation!


More about the energy you will experience…


The energy of the Full Moon…

Like a spotlight the Full Moon represents an energy peak highlighting what is culminating in our five senses and electromagnetic field. We can either throw a tantrum or move this energy to our higher chakras through spiritual practices like meditation, and other energy healing practices like sound healing, Universal Blue Star Healing, DNA Activation, and Light code attunements!

Energetically the Full moon is a powerful time in the lunar cycle when the moon pours down a tremendous amount of energy. Our body responds to this with an opening of our Chi (life force energy) and our shushmana (joyful mind and balanced energy). During the Full Moon whatever is going on in your body, mind and spirit will be amplified. If you are angry, you will feel angrier or if you are happy, you will feel happier. This is a good time for spiritual practice to help you use the lunar energy for transformation!

Universal Blue Star Healing Energy…

Universal Blue Star Healing Energy comes to us from the Sirian Star System and contains ALL of the healing energies that exist on earth at this time in ONE powerful high vibrational healing light energy. I use this incredible light energy each day in my own life, and in  in nearly all of my Healing Sessions.

Blue Star Energy balances and realigns our physical and spiritual bodies to the highest vibration sustainable at this time, enabling an easier transition and integration of higher and higher frequencies of light that we are achieving within our physical bodies and on this earth on a daily basis. It’s a much faster and easier way to release negative energy that has been blocking your physical body from entering much higher frequencies and dimensions of light and love.

Universal Blue Star Energy can be best associated with Reiki Energy in that Blue Star Energy is received through one who is attuned to this energy system the same way Life Force Energy flows through one initiated in Reiki. The only difference being that it is of a much higher frequency and provides a means through which a much faster, more harmonious healing and clearing process can take place!

Each person in the group will receive this attunement channeled through me as well as through sound.

DNA Activation…

The DNA Activation experience WILL clear blocks and barriers, and it WILL increase your innate abilities…that amazing encoded goodness within you! 

As a Master Healer, Light Worker,, and sound healing practitioner I have created a very special DNA Activation experience through the fusion of guided visualization using my voice and guided imagery, Theta Healing, and the heightened healing energy of Om2Ohm!

I have been using this DNA Activation process with phenomenal results for several years now both as group and individual sessions. For this group session I have combined the above with deep sound healing techniques and Reiki for a life changing and soul connecting experience!

This Epigenetic Clearing WILL help to remove old patterns it will have a lasting benefit in your life if you attend and experience it with that intention! 

YOU create your life while you live it.

You WILL attract the Universal Guidance you need.

Your CURRENT dominant vibration is what is attracting everything to you right now and always…ths experience WILL catapault youinto a higher vibration! What you put your dominant attention on now with a matching vibration, YOU WILL ATTRACT!


Fee per person $85