Radical Self Love & Emotional Detox!


Join me for some Radical Self Love, Emotional Detox, and Inner Alchemy! Shift deep seated beliefs and unconscious negative thought patterns and dive deep into your greatest potential!

Reframing your inner thoughts and beliefs creates an energetic shift and the outer experience becomes a match to that vibration!

If what we are experiencing doesn’t feel good, it is a signal to take a brave, compassionate look within.

It’s time for you to transform the relationship you have with yourself with loving kindness so that this can be expressed from within and mirrored back to you.

Why is this important?

We teach others how to treat us by how we treat ourselves. We see the reflection back from our experiences with others and in life. We have the ability to shift what we experience by loving ourselves more.

Your reality is a reflection of who you believe you are…

Radical self love wipes out those stories and old programs…

Radical self love reframes the beliefs about who you think you are. Allow me to remind you who you are… You are an amazing being that the universe thought was a great idea and brought you here at this particular time because you play a unique, exceptional part in the vastness of the entire experience of this world…

Yes. It IS true. You ARE worthy, you ARE valued, and you DO matter!  

How can you begin to get there?

Time For An Emotional Detox!!! Many of us have spent a load of time and cash on detox programs designed to help us lose weight and ditch hazardous poisons. We detox our closets of the clothes we no longer wear. We detox our homes each year during ‘spring cleaning’. We detox our social lives of destructive friends who drink up our time and energy. Diets and organizing our homes are cultural cleansing rituals, yet very few of us instigate a regular ‘emotional detox’, where we open the door to our mental closets and weed out the thoughts and emotions that aren’t doing us any favors.

What if getting rid of the emotional junk in our trunks is the key to being truly happy with our bodies, relationships, careers, homes and lives?

People don’t know how to emotionally detox because we’ve never been taught how, or why it’s important! Sometimes that stuff is kind of scary. It’s not pretty, and it’s painful. It’s easier to fixate on the to-do list and not take action! I can personally guarantee you that once you allow yourself to detox old emotions and old programming you will feel incredibly free, you will raise your personal vibration, and wonderful things WILL begin to happen for you!

During this workshop you will:

  • Learn what Radical Self Love is and why it works
  • Learn techniques to start practicing Radical Self Love and Self Compassion
  • Deep Guided meditation & DNA Activation
  • Group sound heaing to cleanse/clear energy & attachments
  • Learn to cut cords and negative emotional attachments
  • Be guided to release what isn’t serving you and claim your perfection!

Workshop Fee: $50

Friday, February 24, 2017
7:00pm – 9:30pm