Wisdom Ways of Cleansing, Clearing, & Protection!

Clearing and protecting our energy is vital to our well being! Join me for this intensive workshop where we will discuss many different ways that our energy can be drained and even MORE ways to DEEPLY cleanse and clear negative energy!  

I will teach you how to start the practice of CONTINUALLY protecting yourself while still receiving the GOOD energy you want to come in!

Energy is everywhere!

We have energy throughout the home in our electrical appliances including computers, telephones, internet, kitchen appliances, televisions, lighting and air-conditioning just to name a few. There is also natural energy in the form of food, water, nature, animals, crystals and minerals. Weather is also energy through wind, rain, lightning, thunder, storms, cyclones, tornadoes and even drought. It also comes from the sun, stars and moon.

To add even more energy to the mix of our existence, there is the energy of all of the living creatures we share this planet with and yes, THE PEOPLE! The people around us that we don’t know, the people we share our lives with, work with, and the people we share our homes with having an enormous affect on our personal energy and our aura! The energy of all these people can be sometimes intoxicating, joyful, Heavy, or even downright distractive depending on the situation. In this workshop we will talk about all of that!

We humans have our own energy system in the form of an aura. It is a natural protection barrier, giving us a sense of our surroundings. We have energy that runs through our body allowing us to function. We receive energy from what we eat, drink and when we sleep. So, if we don’t look after our energy, other forms of harmful energy can attach onto the body forming sickness and illness. We also inflict negative energy into our bodies with alcohol, drugs and other unhealthy choices. When our energy is low we feel run down, lethargic, sick and depressed. When our energy is high we are happy and vibrant with lots of energy to burn. Our energy is easily influenced by those around us, the emotions we feel and how we live our life.

What we’ll cover in this workshop:

  • Why a cleansing & clearing practice is so important
  • Using the elements in our practice
  • Handling Emotional Bullying & Manipulation
  • Energy Vampires
  • Psychic Energy Attack
  • Emotional Attachments
  • Practical Protection Methods
  • Shielding
  • Cutting Cords
  • Invoking the Angels, Guides & Guardians
  • Types of cleansing & Clearing
  • Smudging & Incense
  • Gratitude Altars
  • Cleansing and clearing spaces & places

I WILL guide you through a deep cleansing & clearing…

  • Through a ceremonial fire circle & smudging
  • Through Sound Healing
  • Through Guided Meditation
  • Through water ritual

Are YOU ready for the EPIC Cleansing, Clearing, & Protection of your energy? AND SO IT IS!!!

  • I only accept 6 guests per workshop! $125 per person