Channeling Light ~ Activate & Recalibrate!

This Channeling Light event at the “MoonLit Soul” metaphysical shop in Mt. Vernon, OH will be an exquisite energetic experience that will leave guests uplifted, activated, and transformed on every level with Deep Guided Meditation, Light Body Activations, Sound Healing, & Divine Messages!

Guests will experience:

~ Deep guided meditation through Sheri to activate the higher Chakras. Specifically the Zeal Point Chakra, The Soul Star Chakra, and The Stellar Gateway Chakras.

~ Sound Healing through Crystal Bowls, Tibetan bowls, and tuning forks with Sheri.

~ Light Code Activations for the group and individually

~ Individual Channeled message through Sheri for each guest!


Light codes are the universal language of the cosmos. They are high frequency messages, uniquely designed for you by your own higher guidance. Sheri will connect with the quantum field of information so that your higher self, source, infinite intelligence, higher consciousness will awaken more brightly and so that the light codes you already hold will be activated!

Sheri will channel energies from the Star Masters and Star Galaxies directly to each individual present. These attunements work on many different levels to help you! Each Star Attunement will give each individual receiving it exactly what they require at that moment in time.


As a Clairvoyant Medium, Conscious Channel, and Empath/Sensitive, I receive valuable guidance, information, and messages from your Spirit Guides, your higher self, and other light realms. After this group event, each guest will receive the channeled message they need most at that time!

It is with exceptional clarity and loving kindness that I relay that guidance in the best possible way for you to take full advantage of it right away. It is truly a beautiful, moving, and transformational experience!

We can’t wait to see you for this very special and divine event!

This event is limited to just 11 guests  and is reservation only! Don’t delay!

Fee per person: $55

Purchase Here!

This event will take place at The Moonlit Soul at 49 Public Square, Mt Vernon, OH 43050 !

Saturday, July 23, 2022
7/23/22 1:00pm – 7/23/22 3:00pm